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Office Inspiration: How Hootsuite’s Offices Inspire Employees to Find Balance

Darin Herle
December 14th, 2017

With two office spaces in the company’s hometown of Vancouver, BC—and exciting milestones being reached each year—Hootsuite’s future is bright. Hootsuite is a rapidly growing social media management empire that as recently as 2013 was adding 10 new employees every week.


If you haven’t yet heard stories of Hootsuite’s highly innovative offices, you’re in for a treat—the company has truly taken the concept of tech titan to the next level. We’ve rounded up some of the best features of their awe-inspiring spaces to help inspire facility managers designing their own office space.

West coast design

Embracing local culture in office design is widely practiced across successful tech startups and Hootsuite is no different. Hootsuite has adopted a unique west coast feel in the design of their offices, with its spaces representing the unique culture and essence of the city.

For instance, when you enter Hootsuite’s second Vancouver location, you are met by a cozy Canadian mountain cabin. The lobby takes inspiration from a classic west-coast fishing lodge, and comes complete with antique fishing gear and wood panel walls. The entranceway was designed to replicate the look of Whistler Village, and features indoor chalets that provide the perfect spot for meetings or solo work. It even offers a “post-ski” style lounge fit with antler chandeliers, faux-fur beanbag chairs and—of course—an outhouse.

Nap room

At Hootsuite, afternoon naps are not just tolerated, they’re encouraged. In fact, napping is part of their core philosophy on health and wellness. And where better to take a nap than in your very own “log cabin”, equipped with multiple cot-style beds and custom lighting. According to Hootsuite, “Short, 10 to 20 minutes power naps have been shown to give people a quick boost in energy and alertness, without the detrimental effects (e.g. grogginess) of a longer one.” Hootsuite’s nap room provides staff with a comfortable, quiet place to get some quick shut-eye before returning to their computers feeling refreshed and energized.

Fun and games

Beer and wine on tap? Meals in a lunchroom complete with a ping-pong table? Dogs in the office every day for when you need a mood boost? 24-hour on-site gym access? The Hootsuite offices offer the perfect combination of amenities to ensure employees can maximize their work-life balance. Not only do these simple office bonuses cater to a variety of employees’ out-of-work interests, they’re likely to bring staff from all parts of the office together. In fact, the offices are actually designed to encourage mobility among staff members. And when different teams cross paths more frequently, doors are open for greater interdepartmental collaboration.

Take a page out of Hootsuite’s book and get creative with your office design. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and thinking outside the box.


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Photo Credits: Shutterstock / 2M media, Fickr/ Kyle Pearce, Shutterstock / Jasminko Ibrakovic