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Facility survey questions: Survey your way to better facilities management

Darin Herle
May 31st, 2018

So you want to improve the facility management status quo at your organization. Where should you look for new ideas? Industry journals? LinkedIn? Our awesome blogs? Deep down inside yourself? Nope! Facility survey questions are the number one way to find out what you need to know.

Pilsner ‘N Paintball Fridays might be a smash hit at the Vice Magazine HQ, but less so at a personal injury legal firm. And since no two businesses are exactly alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for perfecting your facility management flow. That’s why checking in with your coworkers can yield the most valuable information.




Read on to discover how conducting a simple employee survey can help you mine great ideas to make things run even more smoothly at your office.

Facility survey questions: be specific

person submitting a work order to facilities management

Start by asking some direct questions that will reveal any potential areas of weakness on your team. If there are things that need work, you can schedule a session to review standard policies and procedures. If nobody comes back with any negative answers, pat yourself and everyone on the back!

  1. The last time you placed a work order, was the order fulfilled quickly and to your expectations?

  2. How would you rate our communication regarding the work order?

  3. How would you rate the customer service provided by our team?

  4. How would you rate our overall performance?

  5. How can we improve our service?

Work-environment questions

office design and productivity

A survey about the work environment will give you tons of insights in very little time. Using these answers, you can form a picture of what the optimum office environment looks like for your organization.

  1. What’s your biggest productivity challenge?

  2. What would your ideal workspace look like?

  3. Is there anything unsuitable about your current workspace? Describe

  4. Is the office equipment performing to your expectations?

  5. Do you have any suggestions for improving our environmental sustainability?

  6. How would you rate the cleanliness of the common areas?

Space & move management questions

space management facilities and moves

If you’re considering a move or shuffle, you can send out a survey beforehand (or afterward, to give insight for next time). This will help you to prepare for the move or avoid pitfalls when the time comes to move again.

  1. How easily can you find resources (conference rooms, office equipment) that aren’t located on your floor?

  2. The last time you were moved, was everything handled smoothly? Explain

  3. The last time you were moved, were all of your resources ready for your use right away?

  4. Would you consider working out of a shared space or ‘hot desk’?


The above questions are some general ideas, but you should target your questions to your specific circumstances or needs. Surveys provide facility managers invaluable insight quickly and at a low cost. So, happy data-mining!

Image Credit: Shutterstock, RawpixelBreatherKolapo Oni