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Workplace Design & Data: Insights From Workplace Unplugged

Darin Herle
March 28th, 2017

We find some of the best information and advice by having conversations with real people in our industry. That’s why we created Workplace Unplugged, an innovative interview series devoted to having open, candid conversations with experts and thought leaders in the modern workplace. Here are two recent entries that you may have missed that explore the speed of change in workplace design, and how to gather and interpret workplace data. Enjoy!

The Future of Design: Not What is the Workplace But Who is the Worker?

Kay Sargent is a recognized expert in workplace design and strategy. As Senior Principal and Director of Strategic Global Accounts at HOK, Kay works to help companies optimize their global real estate portfolios and create innovative work environments.

Kay Sargent 300x250.jpgKay Sargent: You have to design in agility. The speed of change is so fast and evolution is so quick that we need to embed flexibility. We need to be willing to go back and to continually assess and determine what’s new with technology, in the business world, with the sharing economy, and evolving demographics; and you have to be willing to adjust and tweak to accommodate those shifts… Continue to full interview.

Workplace Data: If you Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Tim Oldman, founder of the world’s largest workplace effectiveness measurement standard, the Leesman Index, considers the relationship between a building and the employees that are placed inside it.

Tim Oldman: It’s not the collection of data that is the difficult thing anymore, it’s the interpretation of that data. We have found that there are large numbers of employees working in conflict with the space that they’ve been given. The architects and designers only recently came on board and adopted it as a tool. It was the facilities management industry who first saw it as a way of being a better informed client, as they are at the blunt end of receiving the inbound dissatisfaction... Continue to full interview.

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