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Covid-19 Resources

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Covid-19 Resources

NEW Quiz

COVID-19 Quiz: Create a dynamic, future-proof workplace

Take a short quiz and get a customized strategy to help you return employees and create a safe, dynamic workplace.


Panel Discussion: Creating a Great Employee Experience during COVID-19

Learn from workplace experts at Xandr and Unity on how they are creating a great experience for employees both in the office and at home.


Panel Discussion: Long Term Impacts of COVID-19 on the Workplace

From implementing flexible working schedules to rethinking floor plans and overall building designs. Gain insights from our panel of workplace professionals on potential long term changes COVID-19...


Panel Discussion: Incorporating Technology into your Re-opening Strategy

Workplace leaders from Rapid7 and VergeSense share how integrating sensor technology in the workplace can support your office re-opening strategy.


Panel Discussion: Lessons learned from office re-openings

Offices are already reopening in Asia and parts of the US, hear first-hand stories from our panelists as they share key lessons learned.


COVID-19 Returning to the Office Checklist

A comprehensive return to the office checklist based on the conversations we’ve had with over 100 of our clients, along with the most up-to-date resources currently available.


Distancing Planner

A new tool that simplifies the challenge of physical distancing in your return to the office plan.


How to use OfficeSpace for COVID-19

Discover how OfficeSpace can help you meet the challenges of returning to the office in this unprecedented time.


COVID-19 Flexible seating for the return to the office

A step by step guide to using flexible seating when re-opening your office in the wake of COVID-19