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COVID-19 Resource

How to reopen your office during COVID-19

Find the right way to create a dynamic, future-proof workplace that suits your space and your people.


Powerfully simple tools to streamline your return to the office

Distancing Planner & Scenarios

Distancing Planner can help you quickly create new seating configurations that keep employees seated at least six feet (two meters) apart.

Visual Directory Office Map
Visual Directory®

Visual Directory® can help employees familiarize themselves with their workplace and view facility changes in real-time using their own personal device.

Work Order Management
Badge Integration

There's little room for guesswork right now. Badge integration can help you make better allocation decisions with your limited facility capacity over time.

Meeting Room Booking Software
Room Booking

Room Booking helps your employees safely find and book available rooms that comply with workplace distancing guidelines.

Hot Desking and Hoteling
Desk Booking

Desk Booking can make it easier for your people to find and book available desks before they enter the workplace using a personal mobile device.



OfficeSpace is more than just workplace management software

It’s a search engine for your workplace.

It’s insights that reduce real estate costs.

It’s a way to optimize your facility and engage employees.

As the leading workplace management platform for managing facilities of every size, we give forward-thinking companies the tools and insights they need to engage employees and transform the workplace.

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