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OfficeSpace Software Features

Designed to simplify your life
OfficeSpace Facility Management Software

Visual Directory® Visual Directory Office Seating Chart

Locate and connect with co-workers in seconds. Company resources and information at your fingertips.

  • Connects seamlessly with your employee directory and other data sources
  • Web-based access with SSO (single sign-on) support
  • Highly configurable and can easily integrate with intranet applications
  • Mobile Visual Directory® allows you to find people on the go

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Move Manager Automated Move Management

Simplify and streamline day-to-day relocations and large-scale moves, in real-time, using drag and drop.

  • Drag and drop move scheduling
  • Automatic email and chat notifications keep everyone in the loop
  • Real-time reporting on all moves in your organization
  • Move scenario planning for optimal seating allocation

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Move Management
Workplace Analytics

Reports & Analytics Workplace Analytics

Drive your facility management decisions with intuitive, meaningful, real-time reports.

  • Space utilization reports provide valuable insight into how your facility is being used
  • Operational reports streamline facility management processes and make easy work of data hygiene
  • Custom reporting capabilities to tackle your most demanding requirements
  • Robust API to easily integrate with other systems (e.g. Lease Management)

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Mobile First

Visual Directory® is available to anyone, anywhere. Find everything you need from your phone.

Office Space Mobile
Facility Requests

Request Manager Facility Work Orders

Managing work orders shouldn't be more cumbersome than the issues they try to address. Take full control of requests from beginning to end.

  • Drop a pin to create a request on desktop or mobile
  • Use your phone to send a picture of the issue with the request
  • Simple form-fill options mean employees easily adopt request manager
  • Real time collaborative tools to accommodate your most demanding workflows
  • Built-in reporting shows your team performance and lets you forecast your request load

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Desk Booking Hot Desking and Hoteling

Get the most out of a flexible workplace. Leverage the potential of desk sharing and get insight into its use and adoption.

  • Easily find a desk and see its availability from anywhere
  • Let employees book a desk in advance or same day
  • Measure the adoption rate of your flexible working strategy with real time reports
  • Learn employee seating preferences and track seating trends
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Space Management

Space Management Space Management

Space management tools help you regain and maintain control of your office space.

  • Visualize occupancy and space utilization on real-time floor plan views
  • Make informed space utilization decisions with real-time reports, customized to your needs
  • Leverage the power of scenarios and plan complex moves ahead in detail
  • Maintain the quality of your seating data with editable management reports
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