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Screen for COVID-19 risk factors and stay compliant

Return employees and provide a safe office environment with Safeguard—customizable forms that are fully integrated with your company’s workplace management platform.

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Safeguard helps you screen for COVID-19 risk factors, stay compliant, and provide a safe office environment as you bring employees back to the workplace.

  • Customize your forms and confirmation messages for different locations to comply with local regulations
  • Prompt users to complete their Safeguard form with automated reminders via email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams
  • Prevent employees from checking into their desk bookings until they pass their Safeguard check
  • Safeguard protects employee privacy by only storing pass/fail results that select administrators can access
  • Admins are notified whenever someone fails their Safeguard check
  • Reports show you who has completed their Safeguard forms, and help you identify your company’s non-completing “worst offenders”

Safeguard is included in the price of a regular OfficeSpace subscription, so there’s no added cost to keep your people safe.

Safeguard by OfficeSpace

Reopening is just the beginning

Because Safeguard is built into OfficeSpace, employees and workplace teams have access to all of the tools and insights they need to safely return to the office—all in one place.

Flexible seating
Distancing Planner
Shift-based seating plans
Visual Directory
Desk Booking
Room Booking
Mobile App
Slack and Teams integrations
Touchless check-in
Badge Integration
Reporting & Analytics

See how all of the COVID-19 features in OfficeSpace can help you re-open your office with confidence.

OfficeSpace COVID-19 Features

Create a safe work environment for your people

See Safeguard in action and learn how all of the features in OfficeSpace can help you re-open your office with confidence.