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Facility Management Trends for 2016

The landscape of facilities management is changing at a rapid pace  stay ahead of the curve with the FM Trends for 2016.
Say goodbye to Work-life balance.

Looking to the Future:

The landscape of facilities management is changing at such a rapid pace given new technology and the fast accumulation of data.  With these tools, FMs can make better, faster, smarter decisions and save money.  Existing technology and systems seem fairly advanced, so how much can it really change in the new year you ask?  You’d be surprised. 

FM topics, we think will matter to you.

We researched a variety of hot topics and changes to expect in 2016 and highlight the top 6 facilities management trends, such as:

  • How will the IoT transform your future?
  • How is the FM job description changing?
  • And what's the single most important factor all FMs need to focus on this coming year?

We also think it's important to mention the changing workforce, the introduction of Millienials in the field + Work-Life Balance and how Service Management 3.0 is evolving.  

It's a definite page turner that will take you a few minutes to read and add value all the year through. 

Gain access today and stay ahead of the curve in 2016.


Want to see if our 2015 predictions were right? 

We put out a similiar trends report out last year and we were curious to see if we hit the stapler on the head (apologies!) — see how we did!

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