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Important Update

OfficeSpace Customer Privacy Policy

October 28, 2019.


This Privacy Policy applies to customers of OfficeSpace Software Inc. (“OfficeSpace”) that have signed an agreement to use our Subscription Services (“OfficeSpace Customers”).


Changes and contact information

This Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect recent changes in data protection law. We may periodically update this Privacy Policy so please check back occasionally to review any changes.  We will notify customers regarding any significant updates to our Privacy Policy at the email address you provided to us to receive such updates. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at privacy@officespacesoftware.com.


Data processing commitments and our DPA

OfficeSpace undertakes certain obligations with regard to the protection of the data of OfficeSpace Customers.  Those obligations include (but are not limited to):

  • Processing your Customer Data only for the purpose of providing the Services contracted under your Subscription Services Agreement.  
  • Ensuring that anyone who has access to your Customer Data is contractually or statutorily committed to maintaining its confidentiality.
  • Implementing appropriate technical, organizational and security measures to ensure the protection of your Customer Data.
  • Promptly notifying you in case of any event which might compromise the security of your Customer Data
  • Promptly complying with your requests to correct, transfer or remove Customer Data in order to comply with your responsibilities under the applicable data protection law.
  • Removing all of your Customer Data from OfficeSpace once your Services are completed.  

This statement is only provided to illustrate OfficeSpace’s commitment to our Customers, and does not constitute a binding agreement.   If you wish to enter into our Data Processing Addendum, which will then be incorporated into your contract with OfficeSpace Software, please email us at privacy@officespacesoftware.com.


Information we collect and how we use it

OfficeSpace is a processor of the data, including personal data, that OfficeSpace Customers upload to our service (“Customer Data”).  Any individuals whose personal data is uploaded to OfficeSpace are the data subjects and OfficeSpace Customers are the data controllers.  OfficeSpace Customers control their own instances of their Subscription Service and any associated Customer Data, and OfficeSpace Customers choose what Customer Data to submit to OfficeSpace while using their Subscription Service.  OfficeSpace uses Customer Data in accordance with OfficeSpace Customers’ instructions pursuant to their signed agreements with OfficeSpace.


OfficeSpace also receives personal data when customers communicate with OfficeSpace directly, for example by email or when a support request is made in a customer’s online Help Center (“Other Data”).  OfficeSpace uses that Other Data in furtherance of our legitimate interests in providing our customers with our Subscription Services, including responding to support requests and sending other types of communications, and for billing, account management and administrative matters. OfficeSpace also collects browser data in order to optimize users experience with the Subscription Service.

If information is aggregated or anonymized so it is no longer reasonably associated with an identifiable natural person, OfficeSpace may use it for any business purpose.


Data retention

OfficeSpace will retain Customer Data in accordance with an OfficeSpace Customer’s instructions, including the terms of their Subscription Services Agreement and their ongoing use of our Services, and in accordance with applicable law.  OfficeSpace will retain any Other Data collected for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or for the amount of time needed for OfficeSpace to pursue legitimate business interests, conduct audits, comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.



OfficeSpace may occasionally send notification emails to OfficeSpace Customers containing updates to our product, legal documents, customer support offers or marketing emails.  Except for cases where we are required to do so by law, you will have the ability to unsubscribe from receiving those messages.

We will never sell, exchange or distribute our customers’ information and we never use it to send Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail or SPAM email.


Legal bases for processing (for individuals in the European Economic Area)

If you are an individual in the EEA, we collect and process information about you only where we have a legal basis for doing so under applicable EU laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR”.  OfficeSpace will only process your information if:

  • We need to do so in order to provide you with our Subscription Services;
  • If it satisfies a legitimate interest, like for research, development or marketing, and that interest is not overridden by your data protection interests;
  • If you give us consent to do so for a specific purpose; and
  • If we need to in order to comply with a legal obligation.

If you have consented to our use of your information for a specific purpose, you can change your mind at any time.  


Information sharing and disclosure

  • Customer Instructions: OfficeSpace will only share and disclose Customer Data in accordance with OfficeSpace Customers’ instructions, including any applicable terms in OfficeSpace Customers’ Subscription Services Agreement, and in compliance with applicable law.  
  • Consent: OfficeSpace may share Other Data with third parties if we have the consent of the data subject to do so.
  • Legal compliance: If OfficeSpace receives a request for information from a legal authority or regulatory agency, we may disclose Other Data if we reasonably believe the disclosure is in accordance with our legal obligations.


Our Subprocessors

OfficeSpace Software uses certain subprocessors to assist it in providing Services to you under your Subscription Services Agreement.  A subprocessor is a third party data processor that may have access to Customer Data in the course of performing its functions for OfficeSpace, as detailed further below.  OfficeSpace evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of all subprocessors that may have access to Customer Data using a commercially reasonable selection process, and requires all subprocessors to commit to contractual obligations equivalent to those that OfficeSpace itself is required to uphold.



Location of Data or Applicable Data Protection



United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield


Box, Inc.

United States/Binding Corporate Rules

Secure information exchange


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Quality Assurance



CRM and customer support

DocuSign, Inc.

United States/Binding Corporate Rules

Customer contracts

Google, Inc.

United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, EU Model Contract Clauses

Cloud hosting, email, and productivity tools


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

CRM and sales


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Customer webinars


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Cloud-based email notification services


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Cloud-based email notification services


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Productivity tools

OfficeSpace Software Canada

Canada/EU Model Contract Clauses Customer support

OfficeSpace Software CR SRL

Costa Rica/EU Model Contract Clauses

Customer support


United States/EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

Customer support


OfficeSpace requests from all customers an email address to use for privacy-related notifications.  OfficeSpace will send a notification of any new subprocessors to that email address before authorizing those subprocessors to process Customer Data in connection with the provision of OfficeSpace’s Services.  


How we protect and transfer your information

Customers from all over the world subscribe to OfficeSpace’s services, and we collect and store their information in the United States.  If we transfer information originating in the European Union to another country, we do so in accordance with applicable EU data protection laws.  That means that that your information will only be sent to another country if the EU has deemed that country to have an adequate level of data protection, or if the recipient is bound by their own legal commitment to data protection.  That legal commitment may include signing the EU Model Contract Clauses, binding corporate rules, certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, or other appropriate legal means to safeguard information transfers.  


Controlling your information

If OfficeSpace holds your personal data, you have the right:

  • To review the information you gave us;
  • To request that we correct any errors or omissions in your information;
  • To request that we do not contact you using your information’
  • To request that we omit your information from any mailing lists we use; and
  • To request that you be deleted from our records.


If you would like to exercise any of those rights, please contact us at privacy@officespacesoftware.com.  To the extent OfficeSpace is acting as a controller of your information, where your personal data has been collected through email communication, requests in your Help Center or other direct means (“Other Data”), we will respond to your request to exercise your rights within a reasonable time frame.  To the extent OfficeSpace holds your personal data in its role as a processor of Customer Data on behalf of the data controller, an OfficeSpace Customer, your request will be forwarded onto the data controller.



OfficeSpace Software’s services are not directed towards children, and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under sixteen.  If we become aware that a child under sixteen has provided us with personal information, we will take steps to delete it.


Business transactions

We may assign or transfer this Policy to any person or entity that acquires all, or substantially all of our business, stock or assets, or with whom we merge.


Contact us

Your information is controlled by OfficeSpace Software Inc.  If you have any questions or concerns about how your information is handled, please direct your inquiries to us at:


OfficeSpace Software Inc.

228 Park Ave. #39903

New York, NY 10003