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Real Estate Management Software

Real estate management made easy

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Ditch the spreadsheets and manage your entire real estate portfolio from one intuitive platform.

See exactly what’s happening across your portfolio.

With your lease data and usage data combined, you won’t just see where space is underutilized. You’ll know where your budget is going to waste, and you’ll have the tools on hand to make swift improvements.


Dive deep into your real estate data

Get accurate data the second you need it. See what’s happening in real-time, and access critical metrics like cost per employee, occupancy, and vacancy at a glance.

Track leases and critical dates

Manage all of your leases in one place and stay ahead of important dates. Store lease agreements, notes, images, and other documentation, and access them securely from the cloud.

Normalize lease costs

Normalize your lease costs over the course of one year, so you won’t see any skewed data the next time your property manager gives you a month of free rent.

I manage all of our leases with OfficeSpace. It’s a very quick way for me to see our annual costs and operating costs at a glance. And I use the real estate reports to quickly view accurate costs for each of Procore’s offices and understand why some locations are more expensive than others.

Scott Moitoza, Senior Director Real-Estate & Facilities



Real-estate metrics


Make sure space is being used to its full potential

Know when you’ll need more space

Create a forecast in Growth Reports and see exactly when you’ll reach max capacity. Interactive charts will show you the expected growth trajectories of sites, floors, and departments over time.

Optimize your space at scale

Our Block & Stack tool — Stack Plans helps you quickly reorganize where departments sit to improve space allocation across your facility. Intuitive tools like allocation queues and drag-and-drop make it easy to consolidate departments, plan big re-shuffles, and optimize pockets of unused space.

Get high level portfolio information at a glance

Need quick information on one of your locations? OfficeSpace helps you access high-level real estate data via an interactive global map.

  • Quickly view maximum capacity, current occupancy, and other helpful high level data
  • Managers can give employees Portal access, giving access to helpful facility information and Google Maps integration


A game changer for managing your real estate.

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