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How OfficeSpace saved this Fortune 100 company over $200,000 and reduced seat planning time by 75%


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A fast-paced, project-based global organization has been an industry leader for decades. With a traditional workplace setup where employees are given assigned seating based on project and location (rather than departments), this organization would restructure their work space and move over 15,000 employees up to eight times a year.



How to make data based decisions during hypergrowth

Despite constant floor plan changes, orchestrating company moves was a huge ordeal. The organization would hire an architectural firm to assist with space planning and move consolidation. 

But every single time the company set out to rearrange people and seats, the workplace team would quickly realize that new employees and seating arrangements weren’t accounted for—and these oversights increased the time needed for each move, with many moves taking almost half a year to execute.

It was terrible. It would take anywhere from 90 to 120 days to restack a couple thousand people.

Understandably, dealing with company moves wasn’t just time-consuming, it was expensive—an ongoing exercise that was costing the company upwards of $100,000 a year.


Leveraging Scenario Planning and Stack Planning within OfficeSpace

Improving the move process

In an attempt to find a better, quicker move process, the company asked its architectural firm to research a more efficient tool. Getting nothing in response, they took matters into their own hands and turned to OfficeSpace.

Shortly after onboarding, the company used Scenario Planning to oversee an immediate move. With drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to accurately visualize and plan moves from start to finish in OfficeSpace, the company quickly realized they could halt all future space planning with the architectural firm.

With OfficeSpace, we were able to stack within 4 weeks with less problems.


Optimizing space usage

“With OfficeSpace, we were able to stack within 4 weeks with less problems. The execution was easier because we didn’t have the delay between the snapshot and the final product,” said the Facility Manager. “This also gave internal teams more visibility into the projected moves before they took place which allowed them to quickly make adjustments as needed.”

The organization also used Stack Plans to look at each floor by project and identify how much space per floor was available. With OfficeSpace, this step took the company four weeks to accurately plan and execute—one-third of the time it took with the architectural firm. And unlike before, employees were always moved to the right seat, assuring a level of accuracy and efficiency that the company had never experienced in the past.

Businessmen Carrying Boxes of Possessions into New Workspace
We use the data in OfficeSpace to inform our financial projections.

Informing financial decisions

Daniel and his team are leveraging the real-time reports and workplace trends dashboards inside OfficeSpace to make sure that financial decisions are driven by data.

“We use the data in OfficeSpace to inform our financial projections. For example, the fiscal forecast of what we expect to spend is driven by how many people are booking desks and the usage trends in each neighborhood. But it can also help with simple tasks like refining our food and beverage program; I can project a line item based on the headcount and engagement that we’re seeing in OfficeSpace.”


This Fortune 100 company is saving money and time

Since implementing OfficeSpace more than two years ago, the organization has saved over $200,000 dollars and about 1.5 years of preparation and planning time.

Making the switch to OfficeSpace not only gave us more time to work on additional workspace moves, but allowed us to save a ton of money as well.

Feature roundup

Scenario Planning

Find the best way to reconfigure your facility, and make smarter, faster changes to your floor plans.


Stack Planning

Get a high-level view of how your teams are dispersed, optimize wasted space, and quickly reorganize your entire portfolio.

Scenario Merge

Looking for powerful hybrid workplace software to make space planning easier?

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