Harry’s Case Study

How Harry’s streamlined employee onboarding, simplified moves, and saved hundreds of hours in the process

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Harry's NYC Office

Harry’s sells quality shaving and grooming products at a fair price to customers around the world.

The Harry’s portfolio includes a factory in Germany, an office in London, and the company’s headquarters in New York which is home to over 350 employees.

The Challenge

Streamlining onboarding and simplifying office moves

With a group of new hires joining the company every two weeks, tasks like onboarding, reshuffling employees to find more space, and assigning employees to desks, all make up a huge chunk of Harry’s Workplace Experience Team’s workload.

Before Harry’s found OfficeSpace, they were managing office moves with Excel spreadsheets, Google Slides, and email. They needed a way to streamline moves and employee onboarding to keep up with the company’s constant growth.

The Solution

Move Manager, Scenarios, and Visual Directory®

Harry's Office

The solution was to create a streamlined onboarding and moves by leveraging features like Move Manager, Scenarios, and Visual Directory.

Here’s how Celeste Candela, Workplace Experience Manager at Harry’s and her team used OfficeSpace to improve everything from welcoming new hires to one-off moves, office reshuffles, and even large-scale relocations.

Streamlining the onboarding process and easily finding desks for new hires

With new hires joining Harry’s every two weeks, OfficeSpace is one of the key tools that Celeste uses to create a seamless onboarding process and stay ahead of Harry’s ever-changing space requirements.

As soon as someone is hired, a manager will send us the incoming employee’s information so we can add them to the system. One of the key questions we ask is: ‘Where do you want the new hire to sit?”

With this information on hand, a Facilities Coordinator uses Move Manager to find a seat for every incoming employee and prepare each desk on the floor before the new hire class comes in.

Once a new hire enters the company, they have an assigned seat. And they’re also given access to Visual Directory so they can familiarize themselves with their new office with real-time floor plans that work on every device.

We make sure to talk about OfficeSpace in our onboarding process, and we point out the Visual Directory Kiosks as we’re giving new hires an office tour. It’s always scary when you’re coming into a new office and you don’t know where to go. New employees constantly give us really positive feedback about having a tool like OfficeSpace in the workplace.

Helping employees and visitors save time with interactive touchscreen kiosks and real-time floor plans

In addition to accessing interactive company floor plans on mobile and desktop devices, employees can also access Visual Directory on touchscreen kiosks placed strategically throughout Harry’s HQ.

Kiosks are helpful for new hires and travelling employees who are visiting the office for a day.

“If we were using a manual process to manage moves and floor plans, there wouldn’t be an easy way to share it. There’s no way our floor plans would be as visible as they are with Visual Directory and Kiosks.”

Outside of my Workplace Experience Team’s needs, Visual Directory is incredibly helpful for our employees navigating the office, and for visitors and new hires who need to familiarize themselves with the office layout.

Simplifying one-off moves and office reshuffles

Whether it’s finding a seat for a new hire, reshuffling employees to create more space, or relocating entire teams and departments, managing moves at Harry’s is a collaborative process.

First, department managers and pre-assigned “Seating Captains” use Visual Directory to see where seats are available on the company floor plan and decide where individual team members should sit. Once confirmed, Celeste uses Move Manager to assign employees to each seat and put the moves into action.

“I send managers a floor plan in Visual directory, so they can see where their team will be sitting and assign where folks should sit when they move. They’ll send that back to me and my team will make the updates for them in OfficeSpace.”

Taking the stress out of large-scale moves

Bigger moves at Harry’s follow a similar process, with the addition of Scenarios being used to collaborate with stakeholders and create the best floor plan configuration for the company’s needs before seating assignments are determined.

We opened a new floor at our HQ last September, and we moved over 100 employees by shuffling seats on their existing floor, or moving them to the new floor. It was really large scale, so we created a Scenario and made a new floor plan active for the go-live date.

Because employees were moving into a new space during Harry’s biggest move to date, Celeste used Scenarios to create virtual drafts of the new floor plan, collaborate with stakeholders, and finalize the layout before assigning seats to departments and individual employees.

The Results

Onboarding is streamlined. Moves are simplified

Celeste and her team are using OfficeSpace to create a better place for 400+ employees across all of Harry’s locations.

Onboarding is streamlined. Moves are simplified. And everyone at the company can connect with everything they need—rooms, resources, and colleagues—thanks to real-time floor plans that are available on any device.

Harry’s favorite features


Take the complexity out of move management.


Find, book, and connect with everything
you need in real-time.


Display interactive maps of your facility on
touchscreen kiosks that everyone can use.


Get the insights you need to understand your
space and how it’s being used—all in one place.

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