How to measure what matters in a hybrid workplace.

Prep for 2024 with this practical guide built for leaders who want to adapt their workplaces to the changing nature of work, use data to drive better decisions, and optimize their office environment.

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Utilization Over Occupancy.
Learn why it’s essential to focus on how and when office spaces are used, rather than just counting how many people are there.

Rethinking Space Needs.
Discover how fluctuating office attendance requires new methods for planning space and resources.

Custom Benchmarks.
Understand the importance of creating benchmarks tailored to your organization’s unique culture and goals.

The Power of Presence Data.
Explore how tracking real-time office usage can help make smarter decisions about workspace policies and design.

Making Data-Driven Decisions.
See how using detailed data can save costs and improve the workplace, leading to a better balance between productivity and employee satisfaction.
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Workplace Intelligence, powered by presence data.

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Accurate Insights

Understand space utilization by location, team, and employee in real-time with badge scan, WiFi, and desk booking presence data.

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Save Hours

Save up to 10 hours a week on data collection, management, and analysis with data & reporting automation.

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Drive strategy

Discover what’s working, share trends, drive strategy, and boost business performance with automated reports and dashboards.