February 7, 2023

Press Release

OfficeSpace Software Releases Workplace Strategy Report: Leaders Want to Foster In-Office Connection, but Are Struggling to Measure Hybrid Success

Only one in five decision makers has a strategy to track the motivations behind office utilization

ATLANTA, February 7, 2022 – OfficeSpace Software, the creator of better workplaces, today unveiled its 2023 Workplace Strategy Report, which combines insights gathered from surveying over 150 workplace decision makers and thousands of OfficeSpace platform data points. The report shows most businesses are adopting hybrid strategies for the long-term. But while office leadership is ready to invest in technology to prepare offices for hybrid workers, fewer than half have clear plans in place to measure how their efforts will impact company culture and collaboration.

With 71% of employees in the office two to three days every week, workplace leaders are also discussing whether to cement their current hybrid policy. Just over half (52%) of leaders say they plan to create an office attendance policy in 2023, but there’s less appetite for a company-wide policy (43%) than a policy managed at the department level (53%).

Workplace leaders are more unified in why they still want face-to-face time with employees. Nearly two thirds (65%) say being in the office allows for improved collaboration, while 59% say days in-office help build company culture. The survey also shows leaders are taking steps to ensure their office designs are more conducive to communal activities with 35% planning to convert some of their space into collaboration rooms, and 31% planning to increase the number of social spaces across their offices.

“The work that once got done in the cubicle now gets done at the kitchen table, or at the coffee shop counter,” said David Cocchiara, CEO at OfficeSpace. “The 2023 Workplace Strategy Report found a clear trend: Yes, the office is still critical, but its purpose is in transition. In-office time is more for building culture and collaborating with colleagues. But this transition comes with a physical restructuring of the office. In 2023, leadership teams will be looking will be taking a hard look at how best to use their space to keep employees connected.”

Among the survey’s other key findings:

  • Many businesses are considering how to right-size their office footprint for a hybrid strategy; 70% of survey respondents indicate they plan to maintain or reduce space accordingly
  • Workplace leaders will be tracking the time employees spend in the office closely with 86% monitoring badge data to better understand office utilization, and 73% plan to track or are tracking desk or room reservation data
  • Still, most leaders can’t determine whether the data they’ve collected shows their strategies are working: only one in five decision makers have goals and metrics in place to identify and measure success

“Measurement absolutely must be a priority for workplace leaders in 2023,” said David Cocchiara, CEO at OfficeSpace. “The best approach will be through layering data. For example, badge swipes and desk reservations can tell leaders when employees are in the office, but more contextual data such as employee surveys can help leaders understand why employees come in at particular times. Workplace technology can help leaders track and explore this data, allowing them to make better decisions about how to refine their hybrid strategy.”

Read the complete 2023 Workplace Strategy Report here.


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