April 15, 2024

Press Release

OfficeSpace Adds AI to its Top-Rated Workplace Management Platform

Workplace leaders and employees will use the platform’s AI assistant to get instant product support, book desks & rooms, and produce utilization & workplace insights.


Alpharetta, GA, April 15, 2023  —  OfficeSpace Software (“OfficeSpace”), the top-rated workplace management software on G2’s software review site, introduced AI to its platform with today’s launch of ‘Ossie’, an AI Assistant that provides instant product support. Ossie will also help users complete actions in the platform, including booking desks & rooms, submitting support tickets, and delivering insights from user queries on utilization, employee experience, portfolio trends, and more. 

Ossie is the first AI assistant of its kind in the market and is governed by responsible and ethical AI practices. A team of product and engineering leaders specializing in enterprise data, AI, and user experience solutions built OfficeSpace’s Ossie AI on an advanced LLM (large language model) and designed to produce micro and macro insights for all users. The team applied human-centric design principles, including NLU (natural language understanding) to process user requests in a highly intuitive, supportive way.

“We’ve enabled GenAI to fetch and use relevant information to make work faster and easier for our users–accelerating routine tasks and speed to insights, and delivering world-class employee experiences that attract and retain top talent,” shares Andres Avalos, Chief Product Officer at OfficeSpace and former head of AI Governance and Data quality at IBM. “We’re delivering highly personalized experiences with accurate, contextual responses that connect teams to their workplace and each other.”

“In practicing ethical and responsible AI, we monitor our platform and programs to ensure ultimate transparency, equity, and data privacy at all times. Users can also opt out of our AI features at any time and maintain control from a governance perspective,” explains Kiley Reynolds, SVP of Engineering at OfficeSpace. 

Erin Mulligan Helgren, CEO of OfficeSpace, emphasized the strategic importance of Ossie to the company’s growth strategy: “Introducing AI to our platform gives our clients more power to manage their workplaces effectively, the insights they need to drive strategy, and a true partner in achieving value with our solutions daily.”

“We anticipate AI will help extend the power of facility management and real estate teams who are facing hiring freezes, budget constraints, and labor shortages, along with shortages of parts and equipment, decreasing budgets, inflation, and recession fears, and a significant increase in work orders,” shares Avalos, citing a 2023 JLL study. “AI will help teams with each of those challenges in the future.” 

The team envisioned users interacting with Ossie as they start their day with a cup of coffee and created an intelligent, friendly character represented with an iconic office fixture–the coffee mug–with two AI stars radiating outward–symbolizing the constant percolation of insights Ossie will provide. “We say he’s brimming with insights, brewed fresh throughout the day, which is what everyone wants from their Gen-AI solutions–support that’s fast, easy, and accessible,” explains Sahara Muradi, VP of Product. The team infused Ossie’s design with warmth and connection to reflect OfficeSpace’s human-centered design ethos.

To learn more about Ossie, the AI vision at OfficeSpace, our commitment to practicing ethical AI, or to see a live demo, please visit our blog with an exclusive video featuring Andres Avalos, Chief Product Officer, and Sahara Muradi, VP of Product. 

About OfficeSpace Software

OfficeSpace is the workplace management platform enabling the future of work, with software that helps teams plan, connect, and perform in the hybrid workplace. The world’s top organizations use OfficeSpace to get the most out of their space and connect the people in it, with intuitive space planning, desk and room booking, employee wayfinding, visitor management, workplace intelligence, and AI. OfficeSpace is named Easiest to Use, Best Meets Requirements, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and Overall Leader, Spring 2024 on G2’s enterprise software review site. OfficeSpace was also featured as a top supplier in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications. The company is backed by Vista Equity Partners and Resurgens Technology Partners.

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