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How SiriusXM saves money, simplifies workplace management, and improves employee experience—all from one platform

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SiriusXM is the leading audio entertainment company in North America, offering unique programming and content to more than 150 million listeners. Headquartered in New York, NY, they have over 5,000 employees spread across 26 offices throughout the US. You can learn more about them here


Managing multiple workplaces and a distributed workforce

Prior to using OfficeSpace, the SiriusXM Facilities and Real Estate Team relied on an IWMS that wasn’t user-friendly or able to meet their needs. The customer support they received in particular wasn’t up to the task of helping a widely distributed workforce with office use that ebbs and flows. 

With plans in place to introduce office hoteling, the team knew they needed a more accessible system that would support employees and capture critical data needed to improve workspaces. They were also in search of a powerful request management system, given that their current system wasn’t really a ‘system’ at all.


A robust workplace management system to improve employee experience and provide real-time data insights

Priority number one for the SiriusXM Facilities and Real Estate Team was finding a system that would be easy for end users. It needed to be intuitive enough that employees wouldn’t need hours of training to start using it.  

In OfficeSpace, the team found a platform that employees could quickly adopt, and one that provides the advanced metrics they needed for both short- and long-term planning. They’re now collecting data on both desk and room utilization, which they’re using to improve workplace management and make space planning decisions. This data continues to help determine where to direct FM efforts and create more meaningful reports for leadership.

Now that we have that operational reporting to see what’s coming up and what’s going on, we have full visibility on the facilities side.
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User-friendly desk and room booking

Using the OfficeSpace Slack App and Outlook integrations, SiriusXM team members were quick to adopt their new platform. Employees particularly enjoy being able to see a photo of the rooms they’re able to book, simplifying their selection process. They can easily use their phones to find a room with the right layout or tech setup for whatever meeting they’ve got planned. 

Having access to Room Booking Overview has also made life easier for the workplace team. With all their conference room calendars together in one place, they can now look at the day ahead to see when they should be restocking rooms so that spaces are always ready for the people who need them. This dramatically simplifies their rounds, making it easier to delight employees and help improve organizational culture and productivity.


Bringing together large data sets to create a full picture of office use

The SiriusXM Facilities and Real Estate Team is combining real-time data on both desk and room utilization from OfficeSpace, along with badge systems and third-party data sources, to gain more comprehensive insights into their workplace. Being able to layer these datasets creates a significantly more accurate picture of how space is actually being used. 

We now have great data and reporting in OfficeSpace that we layer with other reports to see what the true utilization of the office is.


Using request data to improve performance management

As part of this process, SiriusXM adopted Request Manager. They’re using it to improve request management, while simultaneously leveraging the platform to collect data in two major ways. 

First, the team can review dashboards based on all employee requests to identify repeated requests for the same items. These identify where items might need to be replaced or more substantially repaired, instead of just fixed over and over again. 

Second, the data provides visibility into which tasks consume most of their time, and how and where service can be improved.

Now we have real data to say, ‘everyone’s working full time, but we’re still missing some things because there’s just too much going on.’ We can use all this data to paint a picture of why it makes sense to expand our team or get more resources.
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Regular meetings with Client Support to fully capitalize on their new toolkit

To ensure the SiriusXM Facilities and Real Estate Team get most out of their investment and the insights OfficeSpace provides, their Client Success Manager, Hardeep, coordinates regular meetings with them. Together, they discuss how best to leverage OfficeSpace for SiriusXM’s changing needs, along with what tools they’d like to see from the platform in the future. 

OfficeSpace is very attuned to their clients. We really value their open communication.

Data-informed real-estate decisions and efficient workplace management that benefits everyone

Beyond day-to-day operations, OfficeSpace is helping SiriusXM with space planning and real estate decisions.  

For space planning, the team is able to see what types of collaboration spaces are most popular—and then create more of them. For example, based on this data, they saw that huddle rooms equipped with Zoom had higher utilization rates than those without. They were then able to add Zoom to more meeting spaces to better meet the needs of their workforce. 

For real estate decisions, they’re layering OfficeSpace analytics with data from other sources, to generate even more insight into true office utilization. According to the team, this reporting has been ‘eye opening’ for decision makers within the organization. Armed with this information, they’ve already decided to let certain leases expire for highly underutilized locations—saving money without impacting the experience for employees. 

Prior to OfficeSpace, the SiriusXM Facilities and Real Estate Team would have to make their own reports by painstakingly reviewing millions of lines of data. Now, they can readily access and analyze data and create useful reports for leadership, all within one intuitive platform.

Without OfficeSpace, it would be ten times as long to get the results we’re looking for.

SiriusXM’s favorite features

Desk Booking & Room Booking

Give employees intuitive desk and room booking software that works on any device. Use any combination of flexible seating, creating tailor-made setups to help your people do their best work.

Request Manager

Manage and respond to facility requests in real-time via an intuitive dashboard. With Request Manager, submitting requests takes seconds, and the location of each request is always included.

Insights Hub

See what’s happening across your portfolio. Get accurate usage and space allocation data in real time, forecast your needs, and make data-driven decisions that improve your budget, your portfolio, and the workplace experience. 

Mobile App

Eliminate barriers and make connecting to the workplace easy with the mobile app. The mobile app helps everyone find, book, and connect with the people and spaces they need, wherever they are. Push notifications further keep everyone in the loop, informing employees about any desk or room booking confirmations, changes, or cancellations.

Slack & Outlook Integration

Help your employees save time and be more productive. They can search for people, spaces, and other resources, as well as book desks and rooms and send requests, all in seconds, through the platforms they’re already using.

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