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Reopening is just the beginning. Get everything you need to keep your people safe and adapt to the new hybrid workplace.

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Alliance RX Walgreens testimonial

“Distancing Planner made our office re-opening strategy so much easier. The tool instantly generates socially distanced floor plans, which really helped us for sites where we have unusual seating arrangements. We’re going to be using Distancing Planner to make the best use of our reduced capacity.”

Randy Peterson
Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities, AllianceRxWP


Transform your office into a hybrid workplace

Flexible Seating

Mix and match seating types on your floor plan and give teams the flexibility they need. Dynamic neighborhoods, desk permissions, and seating captains make it easier to manage who sits where.

Distancing Planner

Generate safe and accurate distanced seating plans in seconds and know exactly how many assigned or bookable seats you can safely provide employees.


Returning people to the office on different schedules? Create seat availability groups in seconds and maximize your distanced desk capacity.


Create draft versions of your floor plans, experiment with different layouts, and find the best way to reconfigure your facility. Compare your existing and scenario floor plans, identify every task ahead, and easily bring your new floor plan to life.

Three people, one with phone

Provide a safe work environment for returning employees


Screen employees for COVID-19 risk factors and provide a safer office environment with customizable wellness surveys that are built into OfficeSpace. Employees can complete Safeguard forms via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Visual Directory®. Admins are notified whenever someone fails their Safeguard check.

Visual Directory®

Communicate changes like new sanitizing stations, desk booking restrictions, and one-way traffic flows to your people via interactive office maps that work on any device. With Visual Directory®, everyone can find and book the resources they need and familiarize themselves with new floor plan layouts before they enter the workplace.

Desk Booking

Help your team find, book, and check into desks using any device. Control how each desk is used with custom permissions and booking limits. And support your enhanced cleaning schedules and contact tracing efforts with detailed desk booking reports.

Room Booking

Maintain social distancing in meeting spaces with powerful room booking software that works on any device. Employees can book rooms in real-time from your floor plan, office calendar, or mobile app. And it’s easy to include remote employees by adding a Zoom link to any booking.

Slack, Teams, and Mobile

Make it easy for everyone to find the people, places, and resources they need to stay productive, using the tools they already use every day. OfficeSpace works via Slack, Microsoft Teams, and mobile app.


See what’s working. Fix what isn’t.


Do employees feel comfortable coming into the office? Who do you need to notify when someone tests positive for COVID-19? Touchless check-in can help you answer these questions and more by giving you a clear picture of how desks and rooms are being used.

Reports & Analytics

Better workplace data is the key to creating a smart long-term strategy for your COVID-workplace. Real-time reports and actionable data inside OfficeSpace help you measure what matters and show you what your people need.

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Don’t just reopen your office, reinvent it, and create a better place for everyone

See our COVID-19 workplace management software in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Syneos Health

“You should have seen some of these spreadsheets that our team was maintaining to try to keep every location under capacity. It was not ideal.”

Patrick Hoffman
SVP of Corporate Real Estate and Services, Syneos Health

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