Hybrid flexibility.
Unlimited options.

Flexible working is more than just flexible seating. With dynamic neighborhoods, powerful reporting, and workplace software that works on any device, OfficeSpace has everything you need to create a flexible hybrid office that supports every team’s needs.

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Hybrid work is here to stay. Is your office ready?

With people working between home and HQ, flexible office setups are essential. But how are you supposed to configure your workplace when everyone’s needs are a little different?

With our powerful all-in-one platform, there’s no limit to what you can do with your workplace. Set up flexible work your way and support the needs of every team.


The right setup for any team

No two teams are the same. With OfficeSpace, you can use multiple seating strategies on the same floor plan to create setups that support a variety of needs.

Team-managed neighborhoods

Teams know their seating needs better than anyone else. Let assigned seating captains manage seats inside a team-managed neighborhood and take a load off your (already busy) facility team’s plate.

Desk booking neighborhood

Create neighborhoods with different types of bookable desk—assigned, hot desks, hoteling—and accommodate employees with vastly different seating needs. Use assigned bookable desks for employees returning to the office full time. Use bookable hot desks for remote-first employees.

Open seating neighborhoods

Give employees more flexibility in where they can work while they’re at the office. Desks in open seating neighborhoods aren’t bookable or assigned, so employees can sit down and get to work. Make desks available to everyone or just a select group of employees.

Activity-based neighborhoods

Set up space or desks for specific activities. A “Design Neighborhood” that helps employees access sewing machines and cutting tables. “Group Work” neighborhoods that support ad-hoc meetings. A group of bean bags for quiet work. The options are endless.

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All the flexibility, none of the burden

Managing flexible work shouldn’t take up all of your team’s time. With automated permissions and real-time reports, OfficeSpace makes overseeing hybrid work easy for workplace teams.

Specify who can use every desk

With desk permissions, you can make a desk available to one employee, a department, or a cross-functional team. Restrict desk access by employee name, job title, and so much more.

Avoid hours of painstaking admin

Updating desk permissions shouldn’t take up hours of your time. Need to change who can use that seat or move someone out of a neighborhood? Automated permissions in OfficeSpace will take care of that for you.

Get the insights you need

Powerful out-of-the-box reports help you optimize your strategy over time. Understand allocation and capacity, monitor seating trends, and see why some desks are more popular than others.

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The Employee’s EXPERIENCE

If you build it, will they come?

Flexible working software is pointless if it’s too hard for employees to use.

Find and book, fast

Help employees find the desks, spaces, and rooms they need via mobile, desktop, touchscreen kiosk, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Screen for COVID-19 risk factors

Keep your people safe and the office accessible with Safeguard. Employees can complete COVID-19 wellness checks in seconds via email, Slack, Teams, and Visual Directory using their own mobile device.

Set up distanced seating in seconds

Instantly generate accurate, distanced seating plans for any floor or building in your portfolio and comply with COVID-19 workplace guidelines.

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Because a flexible workplace isn’t optional

See our flexible working tools in action and discover how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Syneos Health

Employees are really happy with OfficeSpace. Everyone can quickly book a desk on the web or on their phone. Unlike our previous system, OfficeSpace is so easy to use that nobody is coming to the office without making a reservation first.

Susana Fraile Vesperinas
Office Manager, Corporate Real Estate and Services Spain, Syneos Health