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Office Design
Trends for 2016

Office design plays a key role in making sure your team is effective, satisfied, productive, and happy! Get your copy of the top office design trends in the workplace today. 

FM Design Trends in the Workplace:

The trend of more millennials in the workplace is growing, and this includes facilities management. From flex time to office design, it's imperative that the workplace and office design within be inviting, comfortable, engaging and always evolving — otherwise, simply put — you might as well through money out the window. 

The Key Elements in Office Design

With the year well underway you likely have several office design decisions to make as a facility manager. We explored the key elements you need to know in office design that will exceed the expectations of millennials (and all team members) and make your office an attractive and productive workspace. 

Here's a quick sneak peak of the elements we discuss: 

  • Fixed layouts be gone
  • Glass is the new wall
  • If you're not green, you're inefficient
  • Plus more...

Get all the Top Office Design Trends of 2016 today!

Stay on trend with these office design elements.


What are the top FM Trends to know in 2016?

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