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5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Office Chairs

Nick Mason
July 18th, 2017
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Facility managers shouldn’t overlook the importance of good office chairs when planning their budget and office design. A good chair can improve productivity, reduce health issues and help people feel comfortable in their workplace. It can be difficult to invest in great office furniture while maintaining a responsible budget, but the benefits are worth it.


When investing in new office chairs, here are some factors facility managers should keep in mind.


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Chairs that are designed with ergonomics in mind help reduce the chance of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and improve the comfort level of teams while they work. This is important for both the staff as well as the company.

MSDs cost billions of dollars in productivity each year, and account for a large portion of workplace injuries.

In order to meet the unique comfort needs of each person in their workplace, facility managers should look for chairs with multiple levels of adjustability. Managers that emphasize ergonomics when buying chairs will be able to create a healthy environment while reducing the potential for injury in the workplace.

Vendor policies

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Facility managers who are redesigning or moving offices may take the opportunity to revamp the office furniture across all departments. When buying a large number of chairs, facility managers should take a careful look at furniture vendors policies. Buying new chairs can already be a heavy investment, and additional costs like returns, shipping and maintenance can add up quickly and make a significant dent in the company budget. Some chairs may need assembly in the office as well. You’ll want to find a vendor with good customer service and flexible policies to help minimize stress and avoid hidden costs.


Flexibility with chairs in meeting space

Workplaces that offer flexibility or activity-based spaces allow staff to seek out working environments that suit them best. Office chairs play an important part in making these environments productive and accessible. Facility managers looking to add chairs to the space should consider the different tasks furniture may be used for. Brainstorming sessions, formal meetings and solo work all require different seating arrangements. As facility manager, choosing chairs with mobility and adjustability can help you implement a flexible environment that meets the various needs of different departments.


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Office aesthetics might be an important consideration for some managers when purchasing office equipment. Companies that rely on great office design to reflect core values or attract top talent should consider how certain designs will affect clients’ and employees’ perceptions of their space and can even impact productivity. The chairs you choose can play a big role in overall office design and culture. Traditional office chairs may imply a more corporate space, while creative or more comfortable seating furniture, such as colorful ottomans, beanbags or couches will help encourage employees to socialize during their breaks and feel at home in the office.


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Durable office chairs will require less replacements and maintenance. Chairs with higher durability can be a great choice for saving money in the long run—even if they come with higher upfront costs. Be sure to look at reviews and specifications around weight capacity to understand how much strain your new office chairs can take.

Choosing new office chairs can be difficult—there are hundreds of options across different price points and functionalities. Managers should ultimately consider the needs of their staff and the design of their workplace when making their choice. Well-selected office chairs reduce discomfort, last longer and help create a more functional workplace.

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