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5 Slack Features Your Office Could Benefit From

David Spence
January 10th, 2017

Slack is leading a movement to redefine how teams interact with each other in the workplace. The app has become a popular communication tool, with over four million daily active users. Office managers can leverage many of Slack’s features to create cleaner, more efficient workflows.

Let’s look at five options that can benefit your workplace.

1. Open communities

One of the conveniences of using Slack is that it’s an open platform. Users who don’t necessarily work together can use the app to network or interact as part of open communities. These communities often include groups with specialized knowledge and expansive networks.



You can use these channels to connect with influencers, potential talent or prospective clients, without needing to coordinate a physical meeting space.

2. Private channels

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On the other hand, your team can use private channels to share files and engage in smaller, direct conversations; they can also use their individual personal channels to draft messages and keep notes. This can help your office centralize information in the app or gain quick access to it when having discussions on different channels.

Keep in mind that Slack’s free version provides limited storage and only archives the most recent messages, so be sure to determine which type of account would most suit your team’s needs.

3. Search

One of Slack’s core features is its sophisticated search function. Using the search bar, your team can easily find past messages and files stored in the app. They can filter their searches by specifying the channel, team member or date associated with the message or file. What’s more, they can search the contents of uploaded documents, with search terms highlighted for easier viewing.

4. App integrations

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You might be using Slack primarily for its chat function, but taking advantage of its integrations with other apps can turn Slack into an engine of productivity that serves multiple business operations. Besides productivity tools like Trello and Google Calendar,

managers can integrate Slack with OfficeSpace’s Visual Directory to access key facility data directly from the Slack interface.

By integrating commonly used apps with Slack, you can help your team seamlessly toggle between different tasks.

5. Custom bots

Slack allows teams to create their own custom bots—artificially intelligent entities that you can speak with and issue commands to within Slack’s chat function. These bots can be programmed to perform different tasks like track expenses, record complaints, send meeting reminders, embed videos or even play games.

Managers can use custom bots to update employees on policy changes or notify the team about upcoming work events.

While you can program your own bot, you can also add existing bots to Slack.

Slack’s true value comes through its ability to adapt and customize according to a workplace’s needs. Considering how your company can use Slack, is the first step to helping your team become better connected and more productive.

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