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5 Unique Office Furniture Design Companies

Nick Mason
March 22nd, 2018
Unique office furniture design companies

A company’s corporate culture is often reflected in the layout of its office, but a lot can be said about the caliber of its furniture. While attractive office chairs and desks can improve the atmosphere of an office, superficially appealing furniture isn’t always the best indicator of an inventive environment. For facility managers that want to have an impact on both the productivity and well-being of their employees, investing in unique and innovative furniture is a great way to go.


Fortunately, there are a number of office furniture companies that hold utility and style in similar esteem. Instead of sacrificing one for the other, companies can acquire the best of both worlds. FMs can rely on these vendors when they wish to inject some color and creativity into the workplace.

SitOnIt Seating

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SitOnIt Seating is an award-winning task chair manufacturer, known for their innovative designs and customizable options. SitOnIt recently won the 2018 iF Design Award and facility managers are falling head over heels for this brand of officeware.

With over 400 designs, companies can take their pick from furniture, including stools and stacking chairs, to textiles and other multi-purpose items. FMs would be wise to check out their Novo Task Chair, a hyper-ergonomic unit that’s alterable down to the last detail.


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Since 1979, Arcadia‘s provided corporate clients with a collection of skillfully crafted and inventive products. For instance, the Co-Op Meeting Space includes comfortable furniture that fosters collaboration, a combination you don’t often see in office decor. This interesting enclave creates a semi-private meeting space that looks stylish from afar and feels cozy from within.

Arcadia is also committed to the intelligent application of sustainable policies, meaning that FMs don’t have to worry about where their furniture is being sourced from.


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For almost 40 years, Teknion has embraced a forward-thinking approach to furniture. Choosing from their collection of high-performance office equipment, companies can purchase everything from panel and desking systems to architectural products and ergonomic accessories.

Teknion is committed to empowering people through design, and as such is incredibly receptive to customization requests and other concerns. Every project they take on is collaborative, modifying their products to suit consumer needs. No wonder they’ve won so many design awards.


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Bene is an Austrian furniture manufacturer that has been operating in Europe for over 200 years. Needless to say, they’ve mastered the art of furniture design and are known for their amazing product range and compelling design work.

One of the unique features of Bene products is how colorful they are. Customers can browse selections online that have been organized by a particular theme—from Urban Forest to Silent Elegance, Bene explains the significance behind color palettes suitable for any office.


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Taking smart technology to the next level, Humanscale is changing the way we understand office furniture. While ergonomic furniture is slowly becoming commonplace in innovative companies, Humanscale takes this a step further. The revolutionary Float desk promises to easily overhaul your workspace, while the award-winning QuickStand Lite is a minimalistic solution perfect for accommodating hot desking and collaborative workstations.

Additionally, their OfficeIQ software allows facility managers to automate and optimize the height of their employees’ workspaces. What’s more, based on the information you provide it with, OfficeIQ will suggest optimal times for employees to sit or stand, and will even track how many calories they burn behind their standing desk.…ine/bene-spectrum-colour-themes


These five furniture companies are redefining what it means for an office to be unique, but buying a new chair or desk is only part of the story. How you lay out your office can be as important as the items you furnish it with. As such, technology like Move Manager streamlines these upgrades by allowing you to play around with where each piece of furniture will go. This way, you are guaranteeing an office that is attractive, efficient and innovative, all at once.

Ready to see how features like Move Manager can benefit your office? Request a demo today.

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