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Guest management software for the hybrid office: OfficeSpace acquires Greetly

Heather Larrabee
May 31st, 2023

Guest management software helps answer big questions in any workspace, especially a hybrid office. How can you continue to improve access control and create a seamless visitor experience? Especially when office attendance varies from day to day? How can you keep track of visitors to understand all the activities happening within your real estate portfolio

Given the current realities of a shifting economy and shrinking corporate real estate budgets, companies need to get more out of their space. 

The nature of hybrid work typically centers around in-person communication and collaboration. But companies also need a way to streamline connections between everyone in the workplace.    

OfficeSpace already simplifies workplace management and real estate optimization. This is through offering solutions to reduce costs, manage change in the hybrid workplace, adapt to new challenges as they arise, and dramatically improve employee experience. 

Of course, it’s not just employees who use the office. Which is why we’re excited to be joining forces with the world’s leading visitor management system

Visitor Management Software

Get to know Greetly by OfficeSpace. Checks in visitors, packages, and food deliveries and instantly notifies employees.

Greetly by OfficeSpace

OfficeSpace is adding intuitive visitor management to the lineup, by acquiring Greetly. Greetly by OfficeSpace is here to revolutionize your front desk area. We’re offering a visitor management solution that is incredibly user-friendly for employees and visitors alike. It’s easy to set up and customize, helping to manage audits and compliance. All while also providing solid, made-to-order reporting and visitor logs.  

In this article we explore the (many!) benefits of guest management software. We also cover how combining it with the right integrations and space management software can provide clarity and a better way forward… Even in a seemingly always-changing workplace environment. 


Why use visitor management software?

Clients and customers, job applicants, contractors, vendors, consultants, delivery drivers, maintenance staff, an Uber driver dropping off lunch… Everyone is back on-site these days, not just employees. 

Companies have always needed a visitor management system (VMS) to check-in and screen visitors, as well as to protect physical security. To do this, maybe they’ve needed to pay a full-time salary for a full time receptionist. Or they were small enough to scoot by on pen-and-paper sign in at the front desk. Otherwise, visitor sign-in often falls on the shoulders of (already busy) staff members. Hardly the best way to welcome visitors or make a good first impression. 

But slapdash and/or expensive visitor registration is no longer enough in a competitive market. Or in a flexible work environment where on any given day, the right employees may or may not be able to assist with visitor check-in. Any of these scenarios can create a visitor/customer experience that is haphazard at best. 

Enter cloud-based guest management software that acts like a ‘digital receptionist,’ checking in short-term guests, deliveries, and visitors, while (ideally) also providing reporting and insights on visitor audits and site-specific compliance. 

And enter Greetly by OfficeSpace, which creates a better visitor experience for everyone.

A better visitor management system

Greetly by OfficeSpace is completely customizable, quick to implement (think minutes, not hours), and easy to integrate with other workplace systems (like Slack, Google Chat, and Teams). It provides an easy check-in experience for both pre-registered and walk-in visitors, via iOS and Android kiosks/iPads, and/or via QR codes created for mobile devices. It also offers integrations for badge printing where necessary. 

And with robust visitor tracking data, users can easily see how many and what types of visitors are on-site in real time. Or how many were in last Tuesday, or last month, or last year. 

In short, Greetly by OfficeSpace is guest management software uniquely positioned to meet the needs of dynamic work environments.

By combining a superior check-in process with actionable data, Greetly by OfficeSpace allows companies to:

  • Customize visitor check-in experience with brand colors, logos, fonts, languages, and workflows
  • Improve visitor experience by reducing wait times, printing visitor badges where necessary,  and making it easy and enjoyable for visitors to get in and out (along with providing any necessary information or wayfinding directions)
  • Improve employee experience by sending employee notifications when visitors and deliveries arrive via Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, SMS, and more
  • Save money by redistributing receptionist costs, allowing receptionists to focus on more high-value activities
  • Boost connection and productivity by keeping everyone instantly informed about their visitors and package deliveries 
  • Manage compliance with easy audits and reports
  • Improve security and emergency preparedness by securely capturing visitor contact information, photos, signatures, questionnaires, NDAs, and other forms in a permanent digital logbook with date and time stamps
  • Enhance workplace wellbeing by allowing for touchless check-in, helping everyone to avoid common touchpoints

Greetly by OfficeSpace is specifically designed to help you modernize your workplace. It lets you do more with less, helping companies (and their employees) to readily adapt to new ways of working. All without sacrificing safety, speed, or collaboration in the workplace.  


Greetly + OfficeSpace = a complete employee and visitor management system

Managing a workplace that is in line with both employee and business needs has always been a challenge, as much art as it is science. Facility managers (FMs), workplace managers, space planners, and real estate professionals have always needed to juggle lots of puzzle pieces and moving parts. 

Now add a once-in-a-lifetime rapid and massive shift in the way almost everyone works. We’re in a virtually unprecedented era of widespread workplace change and technological transformation. 

There’s no straight answer for navigating workspace planning in this amount of turbulence. We’re all working to figure out how to set new benchmarks and collect the right workplace data to move in the right direction. If workplace agility was ever simply a ‘nice to have,’ it’s now a definite necessity. 

Greetly by OfficeSpace allows companies to digitize their guest management and create a great, customizable visitor experience. All while collecting visitor data that will help decision-makers down the line. OfficeSpace allows companies to manage their workplaces and space utilization, test and learn, scale, and readily adapt to change. Combined, they’re the perfect solution to maximize your space and create a more connected workplace

Real workplace transformation comes from being able to understand how, when, and where your space needs to evolve. And then having the necessary tools to pivot, plan, and test accordingly. There’s no doubt that the most important new technology in the workplace is flexible working software. This is what enables companies to give employees meaningful flexibility. It also allows for managing complex schedules, informing future planning needs, and boosting productivity and innovation in the workplace

The intuitive Greetly sign-in process handles all the necessary functionality for visitor access and check-ins. And OfficeSpace provides intuitive space planning, easy room and desk booking tools, digital wayfinding, and advanced workplace analytics. Ultimately, the goal is to modernize the workplace so you can get the most out of your space, and connect the people in it. 


Simplify your visitor management 

Budgets are shrinking. Employees are demanding more and more flexibility and autonomy. Leadership wants to boost collaboration and culture in the workplace

And not only do managers and planners have to accommodate all these competing new interests and mismatched hybrid schedules, all while still maintaining their traditional duties. They also have to collect and synthesize complex new workplace metrics to support more complicated and high-stakes decision making. 

In this context, there’s a growing need for a self-service visitor management system for guests and deliveries. Guest management software can make for a stronger first impression and better overall visitor and employee experience. Meanwhile, taking visitor screening, tracking, and management off the to-do list of receptionists or other employees will free everyone up to focus on what really matters. 

By acquiring Greetly, OfficeSpace is ensuring that our clients will be able to continue to adapt to the future of work. Whether they’re managing visitors, employees, or trying to develop a better picture of true space utilization, this is hybrid workplace technology that actually makes hybrid work better. 

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What is a guest management system?

A guest management system is anything that a company uses to manage short term guests and deliveries. While this can be anything as simple as a pen-and-paper sign-in sheet, more companies now use guest management software. This is typically cloud-based software. It can not only check-in guests and act as an access control system, but also collect and store visitor information.

Guest management software like Greetly by OfficeSpace also includes features like pre-registration for guests, touchless check-in, the ability to capture electronic signatures on NDAs and take and retain guest photos, and many more integrations to improve visitor experience.  

What are the benefits of using a guest management system?

The benefits of using a guest management system depend on how easy it is for both employees and visitors to use.

Because Greetly by OfficeSpace is intuitive, user-friendly, and quick to implement, it offers many benefits. At the most basic level, it can make for an easy, pleasant, and contactless visitor check-in experience across multiple locations. This is while also securely collecting visitor contact information, photos, signatures, and other details. It also collects visitor information and can automate customized reports that can be used for decision making, visitor audits and site-specific compliance. All combined, this can enhance security, boost connection, and modernize the workplace, even in hybrid working environments. 

A digital guest management system is also more cost-effective than other options, while delivering much better results. 

What is an example of a guest management system? 

Greetly by OfficeSpace is the leading example of a guest management system. A cloud-based sign in app that employees can access via desktop, mobile, or on tablets/kiosks, it makes it easy for companies to deliver a great visitor experience—while also enhancing security and securely collecting visitor information. 

Clients of Greetly by OfficeSpace include DHL, Chevron, Northwest Mutual, Mass Mutual, Christian Dior, and the Dallas Cowboys. 

What makes Greetly by OfficeSpace unique from other visitor management systems? 

Greetly by OfficeSpace is unique in its ease of use, customization of branding and workflows, ease in reporting and audit trails, and affordable pricing. It provides unlimited language and dialect customization. It integrates out of the box with all major office software like Slack, Microsoft, Google, and more, and helps clients to do more with less in the hybrid space.