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How FM Software Can Help Achieve C-Suite Goals

Darin Herle
August 23rd, 2018
How FM software can help realize C-Suite goals

It’s expected nowadays that good facilities management software will make quick work of a company’s office upkeep. But the best FM software should be able to contribute to high-level company goals: boosting productivity, minimizing downtime, reducing rental costs and tracking valuable resources. Both growing and established companies can benefit from the right FM software to eliminate inefficiencies, waste and profit loss, all while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


Here’s how FM software can assist with both the day-to-day of facilities management and the loftier goals of the C-suite.

Objective: Grow the company without spending more on office space

Grow company without spending more on office space

Your company is growing; it’s time to expand. Maybe your C-suite is looking to move certain departments from external to in-house, or perhaps your company needs to add critical support roles to several established departments. It’s a delicate balancing act, supporting team growth while keeping an eye on the cost of office space.

Solution: Implement hot desking and use existing space more efficiently

Hot desking allows multiple employees to make use of existing spaces by booking ahead rather than having dedicated desks stand empty. This flexibility is especially useful if you have team members who work part-time or remotely. Space management tools can also help FMs visualize occupancy and space utilization more accurately, which will result in better making. While it might not initially seem as if your current office can accommodate any more employees, the right software can help you identify areas that can be better utilized.

Objective: Handling employee requests without impacting productivity

No matter how state-of-the-art a facility is, employees will need to submit work orders to the FM team. It’s important to make this process of submitting requests quick and easy, and to ensure that work is done in a timely manner. The goal should always be to have employees spend less time on FM-related requests, and more time on core responsibilities.

Solution: Set up a work order system that is intuitive and seamless

FMs need a work order system that supports them in their daily managerial tasks. Having the proper procedures and software in place is key to making sure issues are handled with speed and efficiency. A good request manager will allow employees to quickly generate a work request and give facility managers a central point from where they can track work. It could also help FMs identify trends surrounding employee requests, which can result in better facilities management and even less downtime.

Objective: Cut down on expenses by making the most of current resources

Bring in new resources without breaking the budget

As your company grows, employees are going to need more resources: they’ll require workspaces, meeting rooms, printers, copiers—the list goes on. While there will come a time when additional money needs to be spent, costs can be reduced by making the most of what you already have to hand.

Solution: Track and reassign resources as needed

Accurate resource tracking allows a company to identify inefficiencies and relocate resources to those who need it. The marketing department might be requesting a new heavy-duty printer, for example, but there’s one hidden in the corner of the sales department that’s rarely used. Sensor technology can also show exactly how communal spaces are being utilized. Is that meeting room on the second floor really being booked on a regular basis, or should the space be repurposed to house additional workspaces? By tracking resources carefully, FMs will know when an additional expense can no longer be avoided or whether an alternative solution is available.


Facility managers are in the position to optimize resourcing and help achieve C-suite goals. Whether you are preparing to present your budget or making small quality-of-life changes to the office, FMs are often at the forefront of positive office change.

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