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How the Right Software Can Streamline a New Employee’s First Day

David Spence
July 19th, 2018

Starting a new job can be a bit like your first day at a new school. You’re introduced to new people and loads of new systems all at once, all while trying to memorize the layout of the environment. You undoubtedly want to hit the ground running, but the information you need to quickly and easily integrate yourself into the workplace is not always within easy reach. It can all be a little overwhelming.

Making sure that a new employee’s first day is a success is typically the responsibility of an organization’s HR team. However, without the proper systems in place, HR managers can struggle to ensure a smooth induction, leaving new hires feeling stressed, exhausted and anxious at the end of the day. This is why it is so important for HR teams to make use of all possible resources at their disposal.



With many variables to keep in mind, the right software can make a real difference in the onboarding process. Not only will it reduce the amount of work HR staff need to do, but it will empower new employees to connect with their colleagues and overcome those first-day jitters.

Automates the admin

automate the basics when onboarding new employees

Onboarding a new employee invariably requires admin and paperwork. They’ll need to read through a handbook, sign documents and perform other tasks like watching videos to get to know the company processes and culture.

With onboarding software, HR can automate much of the first-day details so that new hires read and sign documents through the software. This leaves more room for HR managers to focus on the human element of integrating new hires into the company and making them feel welcome.

When the Human Capital Institute surveyed HR staff at various companies, they found that only 30% of managers’ time was spent on making sure employees were fitting into the culture, despite the fact that 62% of those surveyed said this was a priority. By utilizing the right software, HR managers can spend more time focusing on culture, while simultaneously ensuring new hires are equipped with all of the necessary administrative info when they arrive.

Makes troubleshooting easy

Regardless of how well you prepare for a new hire’s first day, they will inevitably run into some issues. Perhaps they find that their phone isn’t working or that they don’t have access to a particular database. When it’s your first day, not knowing how to handle these problems can be stressful and time consuming, and no new employee wants to feel like a burden on the first day.

Equipping your team with efficient work order software allows them to deal effectively with any technical issues they encounter while being onboarded.

This software not only allows new hires to quickly and easily request assistance, but it also ensures HR and FM teams are kept in the loop and on top of problems from the moment they arise.

Provides access to info

Using the right software to empower new employees

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of utilizing effective software lies in empowering employees and allowing them to quickly integrate into the team. Not only should they be equipped with the basic info needed for work, but they should also have access to insights and information that allow them to understand the larger structure of the company and how it operates.

Software like OfficeSpace’s can provide new employees with information that’s often tricky to memorize, such as people’s names, locations of meeting rooms and storage of office supplies. Rather than awkwardly asking for this information, or worse, refraining from asking altogether, employees can easily look up where a colleague sits or where the nearest copier is.


Technology gives employees more breathing room to adjust to their new situation, while also saving HR teams from repeating mundane tasks and continually walking employees through basic onboarding information. It frees up time that can be better spent on providing employees with an introduction to the vision, goals and culture of the company. No one likes starting a new job feeling confused and overwhelmed, so give new hires the best chance of success by placing crucial information at their fingertips.

To try a tool that can help with that first day process, check out the free OfficeSpace demo.

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