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How to use FM software to streamline workplace operations

Darin Herle
March 10th, 2021

Facility managers (FMs) oversee many aspects of the workplace, which is why using Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software is so critical to success (and sanity!).

Facility managers use IWMS software to:

  • Manage building occupancy
  • Safely reopen the office post-coronavirus
  • Gain building and occupancy insights to make informed decisions
  • Leverage integrations to create a more efficient workplace


In this article, we explore the different ways facility managers can use IWMS software to build a streamlined workplace.

Manage building occupancy

IWMS software enables FMs to track, manage, and optimize their space all from one platform, no matter if you’re working from home or in the office. 

Because many companies are using a hybrid workplace model, you may not be onsite to assess your building or see who’s in the office if you’ve reopened. IWMS software allows FMs to get a complete view of what’s happening inside your properties at any given time—whether you need information regarding occupancy, which employees are in the building, or where a specific department is located

With IWMS software, facility managers can make better decisions regarding their workplace based on real-time information. Having your occupancy and spatial information in one place makes it easier to optimize and manage your workplace from anywhere.

What’s more, IWMS software features like Scenarios allow FMs to visualize several workplace configurations before pushing them live. This way, you can be confident you’re creating the best workplace possible based on your company’s resources and your employees’ unique needs. Scenarios can also help FMs receive signoff on specific proposals and ideas, like if you’re considering a hybrid workplace model or wanting to overhaul your floor plans.

post-coronavirus office

Safely open the post-coronavirus office

Planning an office reopen in the wake of a pandemic is no small task. FMs need to consider logistics like physical distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures, PPE, temperature checks, health screenings, and more. 

IWMS software helps simplify the planning and execution of those logistics by serving as an integrated hub for FMs.

COVID-19-specific tools, like Distancing Planner and Safeguard, make it easier to reconfigure the office for physical distancing purposes and keep employees safe while minimizing the possibility of office exposure.

IWMS software helps facility managers with tasks, like: 

  • Creating new, safer floor plans in just a few clicks and visualize it before rolling it out
  • Managing seating availability for employees to ensure proper physical distancing and adhere to a shift work schedule if your company chooses to implement one
  • Reducing the number of shared and high-touch surfaces with touchless check-in for rooms and desks
  • Helping employees find open and sanitized rooms or desks to work from
  • Reconfiguring department seating with block and stack planning capabilities
  • Ensuring a safer work environment with health checks and questionnaires 

Planning your office reopen strategy is an involved process that requires many components to ensure safety. An IWMS platform acts as a single source of information for all things post-COVID-19 office transition, so you know you’re checking all the boxes necessary to open your office again—and keep it safe.


Gain building and occupancy insights to make informed decisions

With IWMS software, facility managers can access operational and analytical reports, enabling you to make better, data-driven decisions to optimize your workplace. 

Having access to building and occupancy insights in just a few clicks means FMs can gain a comprehensive understanding of how their workplace is operating and what could be improved. You’ll never have to make an educated guess about how best to optimize your building again. 

If your company uses badge technology to identify employees, IWMS software integrates with badge systems so FMs can gain further insight into employee attendance, space utilization, and more. For example, suppose you are testing out a new shift work program. In that case, badge technology integration can make it easier to ensure the right employees are present and accounted for in the office. 

Lastly, with granular building and occupancy insights, FMs can combine real estate costs with occupancy and headcount metrics to establish benchmarks for your portfolio. This way, you can be sure your properties (and any future properties) work for your occupancy rates and are within your budget. 

looking at IWMS integrations

Leverage integrations to create a more efficient workplace

IWMS software includes various features that make planning, optimizing, and managing your properties more streamlined and efficient. FMs can leverage features like desk and room booking to help with physical distancing practices, maintain shift work schedules, and more. 

Plus, experimenting with different floor plan variations allows FMs to develop the most efficient floor plan to fit your company’s needs. IWMS software with a visual directory tool makes it easy to see where employees are seated or where departments are located, which can help with planning as well as help employees figure out where they sit in relation to their coworkers. 

Best of all, many IWMS software integrates with popular workplace tools like Slack and Teams so you can work smarter. For example, employees can submit a facilities request within Slack using the OfficeSpace Requests Bot. 

These integrations make it easier for employees to use for things like room and desk booking and therefore increase the likelihood of them using the software.


IWMS software plays a key role in building a better workplace

Using software that acts as a centralized hub of information for all your facility planning and managing needs is critical for any FM. Whether you’re planning your office reopen strategy or optimizing your floor plans, IWMS software helps you make the best use of your space. 

You wear several hats as an FM professional, and IWMS software helps you streamline your most important responsibilities, no matter what those may be.

Learn more about how you can use IWMS software to power your office. Contact us today to demo OfficeSpace!


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