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New OfficeSpace features to reopen your office with confidence

David Spence
March 31st, 2021

We’ve been adding new tools and improving features in OfficeSpace to make managing your return to office strategy easier.

Dive into a few of the things we launched over the last few months to help you deal with the year ahead.

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Manage moves faster and keep up with COVID-19 workplace guidelines

New enhancements in Move Manager make it even easier to take the stress out of one-off moves, large-scale relocations, and office reopenings.

Visualize different layouts with virtual scenarios. Collaborate with stakeholders in the cloud. And quickly bring your new floor plans to life.

Intuitive tools like smart queues, multi-select, and Distancing Planner make it easy to stay ahead of your space requirements, make quick facility edits, and keep up with COVID-19 workplace guidelines.

Need a better way to manage moves? Book some time with our team and see Move Manager in action.

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Control who can book each desk with custom restrictions

Custom restrictions give you full control over who can book each desk in your facility. 

Restrict who can book a desk based on a combination of filters—employee name, job title, department, and more. 

And if you need to apply restrictions to multiple desks throughout your facility, you can create “restriction templates” and apply them quickly to other seats. 

Best of all, custom restrictions update automatically whenever an employee record changes in your system. So your team won’t need to spend hours manually managing lists of who can book each desk.


Support your workplace teams with daily desk booking reports

Just like it states on the label, the new Daily Desk Bookings report gives you a summary of daily desk bookings in your facility. You can use it to view current day, historical, or future daily bookings.

Cleaning teams will find this report especially handy as they coordinate their schedules.

iMac Desk Booking

Submit Safeguard forms via Microsoft Teams

Safeguard helps you screen for COVID-19 risk factors, stay compliant, and provide a safe office environment as you bring employees back to the workplace.

Employees can now receive, complete, and submit their Safeguard forms via OfficeSpace for Microsoft Teams.

This new feature adds to the growing list of things employees can do with OfficeSpace for Microsoft Teams: check into/cancel desk reservations, and find desks, rooms, resources, and colleagues.


Notify multiple admins when someone fails their Safeguard check

Safeguard can now notify multiple people whenever an employee fails their Safeguard test—managers, admins, and more.

Just tell Safeguard who needs to be notified, and OfficeSpace will keep the right people in the loop.


Make any room booking a Zoom meeting

Quickly add a Zoom meeting link to any room booking, and make sure remote employees can always attend your meetings.

Just click “Make it a Zoom Meeting” next time you book a room, and OfficeSpace will take care of the rest.

When you log into OfficeSpace, you’ll also notice a range of enhancements to room booking, occupancy reports, and the OfficeSpace API.

We’re constantly making improvements to our all-in-one workplace management platform to help you reopen with confidence and create a better place for everyone.


To learn about other feature enhancements and new tools, be sure to check out the OfficeSpace blog.

Photos: John Schnobrich, OSS