OfficeSpace at work: case studies at a glance

Darin Herle
December 30th, 2020

case studies

In this article, we’re taking a look at two case studies in which companies leveraged OfficeSpace software to relocate employees, streamline employee onboarding, simplify moves, and save time.

Check out our resource hub for full case studies, in addition to downloadable guides and a full facilities management glossary of FM terms you need to know.   

How Harry’s streamlined employee onboarding,  simplified moves, and saved hundreds of hours in the process

Harry’s sells quality shaving and grooming products at a fair price to customers around the world. The Harry’s portfolio includes a factory in Germany, an office in London, and the company’s headquarters in New York which is home to over 350 employees.



Streamlining onboarding and simplifying office moves

With a group of new hires joining the company every two weeks, tasks like onboarding, reshuffling employees to find more space, and assigning employees to desks, all make up a huge chunk of Harry’s Workplace Experience Team’s workload.

Before Harry’s found OfficeSpace, they were managing office moves with Excel spreadsheets, Google Slides, and email. They needed a way to streamline moves and employee onboarding to keep up with the company’s constant growth.


The solution was to create a streamlined onboarding and moves by leveraging features like Move Manager, Scenarios, and Visual Directory:

  • Streamlining the onboarding process and easily finding desks for new hires
  • Helping employees and visitors save time with interactive touchscreen kiosks and real-time floor plans
  • Simplifying one-off moves and office reshuffles
  • Taking the stress out of large-scale moves



Harry’s is using OfficeSpace to create a better place for 400+ employees across all locations.

Onboarding is streamlined. Moves are simplified. And everyone at the company can connect with everything they need—rooms, resources, and colleagues—thanks to real-time floor plans that are available on any device.

Harry’s favorite features: 

  • Move Manager: take the complexity out of move management
  • Visual Directory®: find, book, and connect with everything you need in real time
  • Kiosk: display interactive maps of your facility on touchscreen kiosks that everyone can use
  • Reports & Analytics: get the insights you need to understand your space and how it’s being used—all in one place

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How Rapid7 seamlessly relocated 600 employees in two days with OfficeSpace

As a global leader in cybersecurity, Rapid7 provides the data, visibility, and automation companies need to address security compromises. The company serves more than 9100 organizations, across 140+ countries.



Improving the employee experience and streamlining office moves

Rapid7 is fully committed to maintaining an exceptional employee experience for its roughly 1600 employees, who work at 16 physical locations. So much so, in fact, that the company is the highest-scoring workplace in America on the Leesmann Scoring System—an index that ranks the employee workplace experience at companies around the world.

So, when Rapid7’s Workplace Experience Team needed to relocate 600 employees from two locations to the company’s new 150,000 square-foot headquarters in Boston, they needed to create a smooth transition for their people and maintain a positive employee experience every step of the way.


The solution was to leverage features like Scenarios, Visual Directory, and OfficeSpace for Slack to plan and implement a smooth, 600-employee relocation over the course of a single weekend:

  • Planning down to the detail, with Scenarios
  • Bringing new floor plans to life, with Scenario Merge
  • Keeping everyone informed in real time, with interactive floor plans and OfficeSpace for Slack



Rapid7 planned, implemented, and executed a seamless 600-person move over a single weekend. 

Thanks to real-time floor plans, employees were able to familiarize themselves with their new facility before the move, and quickly connect with everything they needed in Rapid7’s new facility once the relocation was complete.

Rapid7’s favorite features: 

  • Scenarios: find the best way to reconfigure your facility, and make smarter, faster changes to your floor plans
  • Visual Directory®: find, book, and connect with everything you need in real time
  • Scenario Merge: automatically track every move and facility update, and quickly bring your new floor plans to life
  • OfficeSpace Slack App: find the people, places, and resources you need using the tools you already use every day

Learn more about how Rapid7 leveraged OfficeSpace to seamlessly relocate 600 employees in two days.


Photos: OSS, Harry’s, Rapid7