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OfficeSpace Releases New Distancing Planner Tool

David Spence
May 21st, 2020
Distancing Planner by OfficeSpace

NEW YORK, NY (May 21, 2020) — OfficeSpace Software, the leader in workplace management software, announced the release of Distancing Planner, its latest tool to help organizations incorporate physical distancing into their back to office strategy. Distancing Planner is available now to all clients as part of their subscription.

Distancing Planner leverages advanced analytics to quickly identify the optimum seating plan based on an organization’s preferred distancing radius. The tool also provides real-time visibility of an organization’s safe seating capacity and allows teams to visualize the seating capacity trade-offs at a range of distancing intervals.

Once a preferred seating plan is identified, users can easily label available desks, move employees to safe seats, split the floor into shifts, or convert workstations into bookable seating. The ability to show appropriate spacing between seats can help reassure employees of the steps the company has taken to ensure a safe return to the office.

During the launch announcement, OfficeSpace President and co-founder Ashkon Sabet said, “The pandemic has created massive and complex challenges for a safe return to the office.  Client service is in our DNA, and we knew we needed to respond quickly. With the launch of this tool, we have the potential to significantly impact the effort required to plan a safe return.  I’m proud to see how our team pivoted to quickly get this critical tool into the hands of our clients.”

Distancing Planner is part of a broader suite of tools within OfficeSpace that help organizations design and execute their Back to Office strategy, including:

  • Bookable Desks: Give employees the flexibility to find, book, and check into workstations which comply with physical distancing guidelines. All available from their mobile device.
  • Scenario Planning: Allow facility teams to easily collaborate on new floor plan options.  Once a preferred setup is selected, a comprehensive list of changes is automatically created.
  • Visual Directory®: Provide employees the ability to see floor plan changes, navigate new traffic flows, and locate sanitizing supplies on their mobile device. 
  • Shift Coordination: Mark and color code seats for each shift, allowing proper distancing of workers on each shift and better coordination of cleaning efforts.
  • Building Usage Reporting: Visualize daily usage of buildings, floors, and seats directly on your floor plan through an intuitive heatmap.

Over 650 companies across 50 countries use OfficeSpace’s tools and insights to deliver a superior employee experience and transform how they manage their workplace. Its intuitive platform provides employees and HR/employee experience teams with tools, like Visual Directory®, and conference room booking, which simplify how they collaborate. The platform equips facility and real estate teams with a full suite of powerful tools, including block and stack planning, and space forecasting—which allows them to adapt their space to changing needs, while keeping real estate costs in check. Ongoing customer support allows its customers to keep floorplans current and simplify major facility transitions. Last year, OfficeSpace Software announced a strategic equity investment from Resurgens Technology Partners to accelerate product and customer growth.

About OfficeSpace Software Inc.

OfficeSpace helps companies make work personal again by reducing barriers to collaboration and simplifying how facilities are managed. Its intuitive platform makes it easy for employees to connect with each other and find the space they need, fast. OfficeSpace also provides best in class capabilities to facility and real estate teams, so they can easily manage moves, maximize space, and keep real-estate costs low. Forward-thinking companies use the tools and insights from OfficeSpace to engage employees and transform the workplace, including AirBnB, Shopify, Dropbox, LiveNation, and Mailchimp. To learn more about OfficeSpace Software, please visit 

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