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3 Facility Maintenance Management Problems Solved by Software

Darin Herle
February 8th, 2018

The work of a facility manager can sometimes feel a bit like firefighting. From broken furniture to staff relocation requests, the endless issues that occur in offices have a habit of occurring all at once. This leaves FMs to put out numerous fires at once. A reactive mindset of attending to problems as they arise can be a drain on an FMs work day, but the appropriate software can help you proactively deal with inevitable office wear and tear.


A well designed service request tool is vital to the smooth functioning of a busy office. Not only can this kind of software optimize your workflow and increase productivity, but it can clean up your internal communication and request channels too. In short, it has the ability to provide a simple solution to many common work order issues.

Problem #1: Too many request channels

Workplace maintenance requests come in many shapes and sizes, but the channel through which you receive them certainly shouldn’t. Regardless of the type of request you’re dealing with, all issues should be communicated via a single request channel. If employees are submitting requests by email and phone and in person, you run the risk of having something slip through the cracks.

Service request software will funnel every request into one easily accessible place. Streamlining your work orders in this way will allow you to form a clear image of your workload and priorities, ensuring you will always have a firm handle on any office hiccup, no matter when it occurs.

Problem #2: Confusing request processes

It is not only FMs who benefit from service request software—employees will also appreciate the difference a centralized platform can make. While FMs have their hands full, workplace personnel may have issues with ticket submissions. If you’re working with old software or an antiquated system, an issue as simple as a rogue thermostat or broken chair could snowball into a massive headache that could affect productivity much more than it needs to.

Investing in reliable request service request software will ensure employees have no issues submitting their requests. When used alongside a visual directory tool, employees can drop a pin on exactly where the issue is occurring and submit images to support their request. As soon as you simplify this process for your employees, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of numerous office-wide malfunctions, enabling them to get back to doing their jobs.

Problem #3: A lack of communication

When it comes to running an effective workforce, nothing is more important than communication. Employees need to feel as though their concerns are being addressed in a timely manner and FMs need to ensure they are kept in the loop on the status of work orders and team requests. An office can become chaotic if there’s a communication breakdown between managers and employees.

Using a service request tool with a powerful reporting engine allows FMs to stay on top of work orders at all times by allowing them to visualize which work orders have been completed and which ones still need attention. Having this insight allows you to communicate more effectively with employees to let them know you are still working on their request, and also shows you which maintenance team members you need to follow up with. Because of this, FMs can better manage their time and also ensure the time of their employees isn’t wasted following up on requests.

By investing in reliable service request software, FMs can streamline requests, improve communication and optimize their workflows. If you’re looking to increase your productivity while reducing the time it takes to address every employee request, you need to ensure you have the right software in place so as not to create more problems than you solve.

If you are currently using an IT ticketing system, it’s time you streamline your request process.

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