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5 Helpful Resources for Office Managers in Growing Companies

Nick Mason
February 23rd, 2017

Rapid growth can be a very exciting time for your company—you may be dealing with increased revenue, expanded product offerings and new staff. That being said, as an office manager, you may not be prepared to handle all the sudden requests and changes that occur. Luckily, there are plenty of resources office managers can use to streamline communication methods and manage growth processes. Here are five handy tools you can use to manage office growth efficiently and effectively.

For streamlining office communication: Slack

Slack is a team communication tool that allows for group messaging in channels, direct messaging, file sharing, calls and more. In a rapidly-growing company, changes can happen every day. It is imperative for your team to be equipped with technology that makes it quick and easy to share information, ask questions and collaborate.

For finding spare space: ShareDesk

If you’re a fast-growing company you may find that your current resources are under strain. When trying to fit part-time or contract workers into your office, remember that there are dozens of alternate facilities available for you to use.

Check out ShareDesk, which lists coworking and shared offices spaces in over 70 different countries.

Other options for a crowded office include designing your current office layout to be a flexible facility, meaning the office can be adapted to serve different purposes depending on the number of staff present. You can also consider offering hot desking services to temporary or remote staff, allowing them to reserve desks daily rather than having a permanent, assigned workstation.

For hiring the right people: LinkedIn and Indeed

When searching for the perfect candidate, consider using employment-oriented networks like LinkedIn and job boards such as Indeed. LinkedIn grants you access to applicants’ resumes alongside their professional connections, which can help you to feel confident in your candidate’s expertise and reputation.

Indeed is considered the world’s most popular job-searching site and is a great place to recruit an excellent new hire.

That being said, a good place to start with any new hire is with your own Human Resources department. Chances are that your HR will be privy to essential information about your office’s staffing needs. Be sure to consult with your internal team to make sure that new hires are a good fit for the demands of the job and culture of your office.

For tracking office resources: facility management software

Even though revenue may be up, it is imperative that your office continues to make cost-effective decisions. Paying attention to overhead expenses and profit margins is a way for you as office manager to continue to support your company’s growth. Leveraging technology designed specifically to streamline your office management can help you to track resources and manage space. Using a reporting and analytics tool with real-time data can help you make informed business decisions based on the exact needs and capacity of your office.

For finding community: OfficeNinjas

Support from online communities who aren’t invested in your company or business can be a great unbiased resource for when you are looking for answers or input on the latest office challenges. OfficeNinjas is community that provides content, resources and networking opportunities specifically for office managers, administrators and operations managers.



Depending on the speed and scope of your office’s growth, you will need to adjust your communication, staffing and resources to accommodate your success. With the right tools and resources, this process can go from stressful to seamless.

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