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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting Hot Desking

Nick Mason
January 23rd, 2018

Advancements in technology and changes in corporate culture have given rise to numerous global office trends, and one in particular is on its way up—hot deskingInnovative companies around the globe are changing the way offices are viewed, used and designed. Collaborative work spaces and remote results-based work are in, while the 9-5 workday with closed door offices and inflexible hours is out.


Hot desking offers organizations many benefits, including eliminating wasted space, promoting teamwork and saving on real-estate costs. If your company is still weighing up the pros and cons of opening its doors to hot desking, ask yourself these important questions.

Do you employ a mobile workforce?

If your employees are sales consultants or contractors who are always on the go, or if your company has offices in multiple cities, then hot desking could be a perfect fit for your business. On the other hand, if your employees require specific non-portable tools daily, or are involved in confidential work that requires closed-door policies, then hot desking could present major challenges. It is worth running some reports to find out exactly how space is used within your office to see if there are some clear gaps that can be filled by a hot desking strategy.

What type of workers do you employ?

Is your workforce made up of millennials who are open to flexible working arrangements? Or are the majority of your employees more traditional individuals who’ve been at the company for years and are hesitant to adapt to change? Getting your employees on board is one of the most important factors to successfully implementing hot desking, so first consider how they may react to this new style of work.

Do you have the tools to make it work?

Although employees in hot-desking-enabled offices won’t have permanent workstations, they will need some equipment for everyday use. This could include computers, so an important question to consider is whether you will equip each desk with a PC or issue employees their own laptop.

Additionally, since teleconferences are a common occurrence with remote workforces, are meeting rooms set up to accommodate video calls? All of these are important pieces of the hot desking puzzle and require some serious IT attendance, which means having a committed tech team is another layer to consider. Plus, with so many people coming and going, it’s critical that you’re able to keep track of your properties, so investing in the appropriate resource tracking tools is a no-brainer.

Is your office floor plan flexible?

Introducing hot desking into your organization will require some finessing of the floor plan. Whether you want to group hot desks together or spread them out across the office, you’ll need a strategic plan. A great way to start is to use a platform that will allow you to visualize the placement of your new hot desks on a real time floor plan and map out any major moves of office furniture, teams and equipment. Additionally, it will be important to account for wiring and outlets, as well as new lockers or storage spaces.

Do your employees work as a team or individually?

While the answer to this question may not be a deal breaker for companies considering hot desking, it’s an added bonus if your employees thrive in a collaborative environment. Hot desking promotes teamwork and strengthens bonds between diverse groups of employees. Because staff are coming and going and moving between desks from day-to-day, they are introduced to colleagues they would not see otherwise. This makes for an environment where employees experience different viewpoints daily and have a chance to work among multiple teams. For strictly independent-based employees, the distractions of this setup can be less appealing.

Once you’ve decided that hot desking is a good fit for your entire team, there are multiple steps to successfully implement the setup. These steps include introductory training, revising the office floor plan and setting the new workplace policies in motion. But most importantly, you’ll want to invest in desk booking software that is easy and convenient for your on-the-go employees to start using right away.

Did you know that hot desking is a catch‐all term used to describe three distinct arrangements? Read on to learn more about hot desking, hoteling and shared spaces.


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