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5 Reasons IT Teams Love OfficeSpace Software

Nick Mason
September 11th, 2018
reasons to love OfficeSpace software

Facilities managers aren’t the only ones on the hook when it comes to office organization and employee productivity. IT team members can often find themselves caught in the middle when it comes to providing software and hardware support to different teams. Managing the technical side of day-to-day operations can be challenging enough, and that’s before providing an FM solution for the office, dealing with inter-office moves and setting up new employees.


Fortunately, OfficeSpace’s suite of powerful tools don’t just make life easier on the facilities side of the equation. Here are five reasons IT professionals love OfficeSpace software as well.

1. All-inclusive SaaS

While it can seem like a cost-effective solution to have your in-house team develop custom FM software, these kinds of projects tend to take longer and require far more resources than originally anticipated. Moreover, tweaks and updates will be needed after a solution goes live, and the IT team will also have to train employees on how to use the software and deal with help requests. All of these tasks eat into productivity and take IT staff away from core responsibilities.

OfficeSpace is a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, meaning that it can be rolled out with very little involvement from the IT team. Also, tricky but necessary functionality like secure login and third-party integrations are handled by OfficeSpace, as is service and support.

Any modern software solution also needs to be flexible and scalable, but for an in-house IT team to create software that not only scales easily, but works across different browsers and mobile devices isn’t easy. Thankfully, OfficeSpace can be scaled up without additional IT burden and initial setup can be ready in hours, not months. OfficeSpace is also device agnostic and compatible with all modern browsers. And, of course, since it’s a SaaS solution, IT teams aren’t responsible for maintaining updates across multiple apps.

2. Strong security

Attempted breaches are a fact of life in the enterprise and small business world, and the wrong software only deepens the risk. Numerous high-profile breaches have come from poor third-party security, leaving organizations vulnerable.

Here at OfficeSpace, we understand the risk our clients can face and we employ robust security protocols to shut down potential attack vectors. Cloud-hosted data is stored in a dedicated compliant center, mitigating the risk of an off-site breach or attack, while all data—in transit or at rest—is protected by strong encryption. If you’re an IT professional losing sleep over security concerns, OfficeSpace’s commitment to rigorous security measures means you can rest easy.

3. Automated, in-depth backups

automated and in-depth backups for IT teams

Imagine your company is in the midst of a complex intra-office move, requiring a new layout for workstations, printers, boardroom equipment and teams. The last thing you’d want to hear while you were in the middle of moving is that the spreadsheet containing the new seating arrangements has gone up in smoke because someone forgot to back up their files.

You’ll be safe from this scenario with OfficeSpace. Our products offers multiple backup schemes, taking the need for manual intervention out of the hands of IT and ensuring minimal information disruption, even in the wake of a major systems failure. Pairing proactive backups with its optimized security measures, OfficeSpace addresses two of the biggest sources of IT stress, allowing the tech team to focus on more pressing tasks.

4. Simplified role and permission allocation

Mobile devices are incredibly prevalent in today’s workplaces, empowering remote work and flex workspaces. Employees are less likely to work in a single space—or digital environment—than ever before. Without the right tools, this combination of mobile technologies and individualized digital environments can culminate in an inordinate amount of work for IT staff. How do you ensure the right employees have access to the right systems at the right time, regardless of their chosen workplace?

OfficeSpace software combats this problem by utilizing a smarter approach to role and permission allocation. IT managers can take much of the heat off FMs and their own department thanks to automated tools, giving everyone added flexibility regardless of where in the building—or outside of it—they’re working. This benefit not only cuts down on the regular challenges of a fluid workplace, it can also cut down on the number of permission requests and tickets IT must process, further reducing the amount of time spent on grind work.

5. Easier end-user experience

easy end-user experience for IT teams

How do intuitive products make life easier for IT? Simple: if FMs and other employees aren’t wrestling with their seating and booking tools, IT doesn’t need to help.

Because of this, you can consider OfficeSpace’s focus on ease-of-use a cyclical benefit. Fewer support requests for what are self-service problems means less time spent on tasks that didn’t really need intervention. Intuitive tools for the office, meanwhile, ensures everyone can spend less time bouncing between internal IT and vendor support.

OfficeSpace loves IT, too

In the end, a tool is only as good as the benefits it offers busy teams. OfficeSpace has this forethought in spades—and we’ve made it our business to free as many teams as possible from the weeds of office management. If you’re on the hunt for a facility management tool that makes life easier across your whole office, look no further.

Liberate your IT team with the latest in facility management software—to get started, register for a free OfficeSpace demo.

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