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Guest Blog: 5 Wins for FMs Who Leverage the Power of Mobile Tech

Lindsey Walker
December 12th, 2016

Mobile technology is growing by leaps and bounds every year and this is accelerating significant changes across business verticals. Organizations failing to adopt mobility are likely to lose their relevance while those that manage to harness the power of mobile technology will gain a competitive edge. If you think it won’t have a major impact on your industry, here are 5 big reasons to convince you otherwise:

1. Boosts Efficiency

Mobile applications are designed to satisfy the needs of a dynamic workforce and can be easily accessed by multiple users on any device from any location. This allows your workforce to stay connected anywhere, anytime while eliminating the cost and time associated with traveling. With a mobile facility maintenance software comes the flexibility to collaborate remotely on desktops as well as mobile devices.

2. Improves Coordination

planning communication coordination facility manager

Communication is the key to business success especially when you have staff that is required to work in the field. From scheduling preventive maintenance and sharing reports to managing inventory and relaying instructions, multiple members can effectively communicate using a computerized maintenance management system. Using a mobile facility maintenance software, managers can check work progress in real-time and delegate work to field technicians without any delay.

3. Increases Adaptability

business adaptability tech mobile trending facility management

The business world is dynamic and constantly evolving in terms of technology. What is trending today is sure to become outdated tomorrow and eventually it will get replaced by what is deemed better. This makes it important that enterprises remain flexible and embrace the change.

Employees should be able to adapt to new tools and techniques so that their businesses can better respond to the fierce competition in the market and efficiently run their operations.

Deploying a mobile CMMS allows enterprises to seamlessly adapt to the advancing technology and stay competitive even as their competitors continue to evolve their business practices for increased profits. A mobile facility maintenance software is designed to automate reporting and documentation to keep you on top of equipment performance and employee productivity. It can also integrate applications to support industry specific operations.

4. Makes Inforamation Easily Accessible

accessible information employee communication

The stunning pace at which enterprises are developing, it is important that all the employees stay involved and informed at every step. They should have real-time access to mission-critical information.

A mobile CMMS makes it easy for your stakeholders and employees to collaborate from any device across the globe.

They can share reports with a single click, update information, track asset performance and modify data while keeping every involved member informed. This ensures business continuity and facilitates informed decision making.

5. Ensures Security and Safety

For every business owner, the safety of vital infrastructure equipment is of prime importance.

As a facility manager, it is important to manage and monitor every vital asset within the enterprise infrastructure.

A manual approach would not only be time-consuming but also lead to inaccuracies and human errors that could adversely affect employee productivity and business profits. By using a mobile asset management software, facility managers can easily monitor and locate equipment in real time. They can also track the performance of the equipment, who is using the equipment and how long has he been using it. It gives complete control over assets and ensures that it is not being accessed by any unauthorized entity.

The Bottom Line

Deploying an EAM can streamline a wide range of business operations to save your valuable time and effort. It provides facility managers with an end-to-end view of assets so that minor issues can be alleviated before they turn into major repairs and expensive replacements. Investing in a CMMS system will improve your efficiency dramatically and boost your employee productivity by providing a great working environment. Photos: Ivan, Breather, Startup Stock Photos, Helloquence

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