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Introducing Safeguard: Screen for COVID-19 risk factors

David Spence
September 30th, 2020

SafeGuard-Still-blogWe are excited to announce the release of Safeguard, a new feature that helps you screen for COVID-19 risk factors and provide a safe work environment as you bring employees back to the workplace.

Safeguard is included in the price of a regular OfficeSpace subscription, so there’s no added cost to keep your people safe.

Check out this quick overview of how Safeguard works, and book a demo with our team if you’d like to see Safeguard in action.


Fully customizable forms help you comply with local regulations and keep employees safe

Safeguard forms are bespoke, so you can tailor your screening questions to comply with your organization’s needs and any applicable local regulations.

With Safeguard, you can:

  • Include detailed instructions for returning employees (i.e.: logistics for entering and working at the office)
  • Provide direction and options for employees who fail their Safeguard forms

Safeguard forms can be created for a single location, several locations, or all of the locations in your portfolio.

Safeguard is built into your workplace management platform, saving your facilities team hours of time

Because Safeguard is integrated with OfficeSpace, there’s no need to use a different app to create, send, and manage COVID-19 safety checks for returning employees. What are COVID-19 screening questions? COVID-19 screening questions are employee health questions that can be used in Safeguard in order to increase employee health and safety. Safeguard helps companies screen for COVID-19 risk factors, stay compliant, and provide a safe office environment as employees return to the office.

Your team can quickly create and manage Safeguard forms in the same platform that you use to oversee everything else in your workplace—desk booking, room booking, real-time floor plans, move management, and so much more.


Adoption is easier with Safeguard because employees get an all-in-one app to access everything they need

Safeguard is built into OfficeSpace, so your employees can complete their Safeguard forms, book desks and rooms, and access everything else they need—all in one place.

OfficeSpace works everywhere your people do, on desktop and mobile app.

Automated email and Slack reminders prompt users to complete their Safeguard forms on any day they have a desk booking.

And if your people use Slack, they can receive notifications and complete their Safeguard forms via their work Slack account.


Prevent employees from checking into desks until they’ve passed your set criteria


Because Safeguard integrates with OfficeSpace’s Desk Booking feature, it can prevent employees from checking into their desk bookings until they have successfully completed and passed your company’s Safeguard form.

Safeguard will cancel a desk reservation if an employee fails their Safeguard form.




Employee privacy is fully protected

Safeguard protects your employees’ privacy by only storing pass/fail results. Responses to individual questions in your forms are not stored or retained.

Only users with ‘Admin’ permissions in OfficeSpace have access to the pass/fail results for employees.

You get to decide who has Admin access. And you can also choose how long you’d like to store pass/fail results inside your organization’s OfficeSpace account.


Want to see Safeguard in action?

OSS-0002 Safe Guard_v3_r1

Safeguard is included in the price of a regular OfficeSpace subscription. So there’s no added cost to keep your people safe with OfficeSpace.

Want to see how Safeguard can help you implement a safe return to office for your people?
Book a demo with our team.



Photos: OSS, Austin Distel, ThisisEngineering RAEng, Dan Nelson