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4 Ways FM Software Can Reduce the Load on IT

Nick Mason
August 2nd, 2018

There’s little doubt that FM software can help streamline operations associated with facility management, but have you ever paused to consider the impact that a comprehensive software solution can have on a company’s IT department? Like facility managers, IT staff play a crucial role in enabling employees to do their jobs, and because of this they can also benefit from FM software. Not only can it make IT’s job easier, but it can reduce workload. Here are four ways in which FM software can reduce the load on IT.


Improve communication

Improve communication between FMs and IR staff

The line between facility managers and IT staff can sometimes be blurred when it comes to responsibilities. For instance, who is responsible for moving an employee’s computer and monitor from one location to another? While an FM might be responsible for the actual move, someone from IT will probably assist when it comes to getting that computer back on the network and giving it access to the closest printer. FM software that tracks job orders and manages relocations can greatly improve communication between FMs and IT staff by providing crucial information at a glance.

Locate employees with ease

Whether it’s setting up a new employee or assisting an existing one with a technical problem, IT staff need to be able to locate employees quickly. A visual directory can help IT find someone in seconds. OfficeSpace’s Mobile Visual Directory simplifies the process even further by allowing you to locate someone while on the go. In a modern office environment, where employees are hot desking and regularly moving from one area of the office to another, desk booking software that tracks movements can also help IT find roaming employees in need of assistance.  

Reduce downtime

Address issues quickly and effectively

A facilities management issue can sometimes spill over and become an IT problem as well. What happens, for instance, if the air conditioning goes down in a server room? FM software that allows facility managers to address issues quickly and effectively can help IT reduce downtime significantly. By giving IT staff access to FM software, they can also stay in the loop and know exactly what issues might impact them.   

FM software can also help IT track resources.

If a printer, laptop or desktop computer needs IT attendance, FM software can help locate that item in seconds. Of course, this isn’t true only of faulty equipment—IT can use FM software to help track all valuable IT assets in a large organization.

Cut down on workload

Another important but overlooked benefit of modern FM software is that it can help reduce the demands on IT. A modern solution—like that of OfficeSpace—is a SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning that an internal IT department doesn’t have to worry about managing FM software. So facility managers are no longer reliant on an in-house custom app, and IT isn’t responsible for overseeing and updating an internal solution. Crucial and complex issues such as integration and data security are also handled externally, freeing in-house developers to focus on other tasks.



While the core focus of FM software is obviously on assisting with facility management, there is no doubt that IT departments can benefit as well. Good software can improve communication and collaboration between the two departments, and help synchronize efforts. By allowing FMs and IT departments to work together efficiently, the right FM software can help to ensure the smooth operation of any organization, no matter the size.

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