Tech Campus Perks That Are Improving Productivity

Tech campuses improve productivity

Improving staff productivity in the office can be done in a number of ways—but employee benefits are often overlooked as a solution. In demanding industries, employees can often feel torn between devoting energy to their jobs and maintaining their personal lives. Smart workplaces help take some of this pressure off by providing a number of benefits—from childcare to gourmet meals—that make their employees' lives easier overall.

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Some of the biggest tech companies have caught on to the advantage of these benefit packages: employees will be more productive if they're not distracted by other aspects of their lives. Does your business promote general wellness, a work-life balance and positive corporate culture? Here are some ways tech giants are attracting top talent—and ensuring that they stay on task during office hours. 

Unlimited vacation

Unlimited paid time off was popularized by Netflix but adopted by many major companies including Groupon and Glassdoor. Staff with this benefit are able to take as much paid time off as they’d like. Doing this helps staff avoid the productivity slumps that come with burnout and allows for more flexibility in their lives. The concept of paying for unlimited time off may seem counter-intuitive, but companies that have done this successfully pair the benefit with a culture of high-performance and accountability.

Pets in the office

Pets in the office to reduce stress

Bringing pets like dogs or cats to work can have a stress reducing effect on staff. Pets have been shown to help reduce blood pressure, and improve self-esteem and overall health. Companies like Autodesk have implemented this perk, creating an office that can account for up to 25 dogs—allowing staff to worry less about being away from their pets. However, managers have to be careful when implementing this perk. Pet-friendly policies can cause allergic reactions, noise and unpleasant smells—meaning companies should first consult their staff for approval and put comprehensive rules in place.

On-site day care

On-site daycare

Studies have shown that on-site day care services improve focus and reduce absenteeism. Allowing parents to bring their children to work helps them adapt to the needs of their growing children while reducing the amount of time taken off work to attend to child care. Offering staff benefits like day care can also reflect company culture and priorities.

Patagonia has provided on-site child care for over 33 years, "Taking care of our tribe is part of our culture and our commitment to helping our own people live the way they want."

The challenges of child care disproportionately affect women in the workplace—managers who are interested in improving representation, diversity and inclusion in their offices should consider the merits of providing child care for staff.

Professional chefs

Professional office chef

Nourishing the minds and bodies of your staff starts with offering healthy meals. At Airbnb they go above and beyond, offering house-made beverages, including their own healthy version of Red Bull called Redbnb. Having an in-house chef and kitchen team develop a nutrition plan will save staff time and energy, and ensure that meals are light to help employees avoid that 3pm slump. Not only can this office perk improve employee health and productivity, it is also better for the environment. Consider an office full of people ordering takeout from their favorite lunch spot, and all of the waste that goes along with that. Providing in-office meals and refreshments from a dedicated chef can minimize waste, reduce sick days and ensure healthy, wholesome ingredients are fueling your staff.

Providing the right benefits at work can significantly boost the productivity of staff. Benefits that improve wellness, flexibility and trust all stand to benefit your team's output. By matching the right office perks to the office culture, FMs can help employees work more effectively and can attract strong hires in the future.

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